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55. The Fly (1986)

One of the most brilliant and compelling movies made by Cronenberg, The Fly is essentially a remake of the 1958 classic. It plays on the human psyche of establishing oneself as the most superior species, and the whole tendency of experiments gone awry. Cronenberg himself says that the Fly is basically based on mortality: human tendencies coupled with human ego is not beyond the ultimate truth of human life.
The plot is about an eccentric scientist who invites a female reporter to watch his latest successful experiment, involving the teleportation of objects from one place to another, using the technique of breaking it down to molecules and then re-assembling it on the other end. In-between testing objects and baboons and several failed attempts, the scientist and the reporter fall in love. This is succeeded by the first successful teleportation of a live baboon, which makes the scientist excited about carrying out the experiment on himself. He goes through with it, not noticing a fly which creeps into his teleportation pod. The teleportation is successful, and the scientist feels certain effects such as feeling stronger, clearer mind and thoughts, and high sex urges. Also some time passes on, the reporter notices certain odd behaviours in the scientist, which culminates in the slow transformation of the scientist into a hideous beast...Brundlefly.
This movie has been hailed by moviegoers and critics alike as the best Cronenberg movie. It does have some really sweet effects and badass gore at the end, and the characterisation is done to perfection by the leads (Jeff Goldblum & Geena Davis). The whole atmosphere of the movie is creepy, and as the scientist starts to transform, it slowly gets more surreal and darker, and the pace quickens towards an explosively-charged climax. A must-see, if not already seen. - __V__

54. The Changeling

Bar none, The Changeling is George C. Scott's finest performance. From the very first frame, the viewer is nearly smothered in an overwhelming mood of gloom and despair. This combined with a few truly creepy scenes creates one of the most powerful haunted house films ever made, all without showing us even one actual ghost. A throwback to the "quiet horror" of such films as The Haunting, The Changeling was somewhat anachronistic even when it was first released. I, for one, wish that a few more filmmakers would learn a lesson from this film. The Changeling proves to us that you don't have to show rampaging spirits and buckets of gore to scare the bejesus out of the audience. - noctuary

53. The Ring (2002)

When her niece spontaneously dies of fright one week to the day she watched a video, Rachel Keller, a cynical journalist played by Naomi Watts, journeys up the Pacific Coast to find the answer. What she finds is a remote cabin and the video tape. Rachel hesitantly puts the tape in the machine. What she views is mostly static, but is able to make out a few disturbing images. As she digs deeper into the tape's history her belief in the legend grows. All Rachel can do now is follow her leads and hope that she can uncover truth b/f her time runs out. The Hollywood remake of Hideo Nakata's, Ringu (1998); director Gore Verbinski makes his version just as frightening and appealing. - tarcher80

52. Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer

Brutal from the word go. This movie follows a cold blooded sociopath through his day to day life. Violent, bloody, dark and gritty, this is not your typical popcorn flick, but it is sure one hell of a great piece of filmmaking! - bwind22

51. The Wicker Man

Unfortunately when the polling for this list was taking place, I hadn't seen this wonderful film. If I had, it certainly would have been on my list.
Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee both give fantastic performances here, especially in the final scenes. In fact, most of the film's strength lies in the ending. I wont spoil it in case there are those who've yet to see it, but suffice to say everything comes together perfectly with some shocking twists.
A sense of dread builds right from the start, and by the ending it is near unbearable. Easily one of the greatest horror films of all time. - The_Return

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