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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE (1931). For me, the definitive version of the Robert Louis Stevenson novella with impressive camera work for the time and damn good transformation scenes with Hyde looking positively beastial towards the end. A lot of stilted dialogue...all the "Darling!", "Sir" and "How I love You!" bits will have You fidgeting, but stick with it . This was Pre-Code, so it's quite violent and incredibly heavy on the sex stuff; Jekyll is almost panting in his desire to get married and as soon as he becomes Hyde, he goes immediately to find the streetwalker who so captivated Jekyll. Frederic March won an Oscar as the titular character, but for Me the highlight of the film is Miriam, Hopkins. What I've read about her strikes me as a demanding, scene stealing diva, but she is sensational and heartbreaking as Ivy, the Good Time girl whose life quickly becomes a nightmare. ****
Well said, FD! I agree, I think Jekyll/Hyde 31 is very impressive, especially the camera work and camera tricks. It has more interesting and effective motion than some modern day films. The direction/camera pace is fast out of the gun, and becomes seamless, and well integrated into the story. The camera work must have blown some minds in 1931.

And being pre-code the dialogue seems very modern. No holds barred in what he's talking about and how he says it.

I think it is the best Jekyll/Hyde film to date. Still none of the films capture the short story well enough, which is too bad, because it has the best concepts, no need to change anything.

FryeDwight? If anything, what did you think the potion and change was a symbol(s) for?

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