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Need help IDing movie

Hi everyone. I don't have much to go on and I've been googling for a few hours and have come up with nothing. What I recall is this movie would have been late 70s most likely. There is an old man who is dying and he calls a bunch of people to a location, maybe his house, and he's going to select a successor or heir. The main actress is maybe his assistant or something? Bad things happen and eventually the young woman is standing next to the old guys deathbed (which has gauzy curtains so you don't see him) and suddenly his hand reaches out and he puts his ring on her finger declaring her the heir. Any suggestions? I feel like, at least at the time, the lead actress was well known. I tried Karen Black but didn't see what I was looking for on her IMDB. I feel like she was a brunette, maybe looked like Kate Jackson?
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