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Originally Posted by rgfann View Post
If possible, would someone please assist me in identifying two movies/television programs??? From what I recall these programs aired sometime in the mid eighties possibly on the USA network. However, it is entirely possible that these programs aired before then and these weren't the original air dares. The first program was about a family who awoke to find that they couldn't get out of their home. If I remember correctly, the mother was up getting a drink of water from the kitchen when she noticed that it was much darker than it should have been for that time of the morning. The windows were sealed and the doors were also. I think there was a strange logo in places where they tried to get out like the doors. I believe they turned on the tv and the same logo was the only thing that came through on any of the channels. They tried to escape and failed each attempt. Toward the end they entered the attic in hopes of getting out through there but as they dismantled the roof they learned that they couldn't get out that way either. I believe the space above the roof had the same logo on it when they cut through. If I remember correctly that logo was something like "ZZ"

The second program is one about mannequins. From what I remember the mannequins were evil. They murdered several people. In the end, after a murder, they had taken one victim's eyes and placed them in one of the mannequins eyes.
The first one is Fox Mystery Theatre, season 1 episode 11, Child's Play 1984
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