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Originally Posted by Morningriser View Post
I thought the acting in cinematography was nice but the actual writing in the story had so many plot holes. For example, the creatures would have heard the mother and father playing the music. The creatures would have heard the father and the daughter talking outside. The creatures would have killed the mother when she was screaming in the bathtub and they would have killed the baby that was making noises right next to one of them. And then at the end they act as if they finally found a way to kill them like no one ever tried shooting one of them before. I'm sorry, but the writing this movie is just so fucking lame I feel like someone with absolutely no credibility in screenwriting wrote this.
Yeah, there were those physical inconsistencies, especially where the baby was making noise right next to the monster and it didn't hear it.

It was the tone from the girl's hearing aid that disabled the monsters which allowed the family to shoot them, whereas otherwise they would be too fast. They did that in Godzilla vs Monster Zero, and other films too. Nothing too original there.

I enjoyed it, and found the silence and sign language refreshing, but it was just OK.

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