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So many good ones from this era...hard to choose just 10. Let me go for some of the underrated ones.

Vampyr (I would rank it as one of the best horror films ever made)
Mystery of the Wax Museum (atmospheric horror at it's finest)
Mad Love (Peter Lorre's best performance of his entire career)
Mark of the Vampire (fans of Tod Browning should not miss this)
The Raven (one of the best films of this era, Karloff-Lugosi combination)
The Devil-Doll (Barrymore in a superbly original story)
The Walking Dead (long before the TV series, Karloff made this his own)
The Cat and the Canary (fantastic little comedy-horror gem)
Son Of Frankenstein (overshadowed by it's two illustrious predecessors)

and my personal favorite...

The Old Dark House (genuinely creepy, horrifying masterpiece with an ensemble cast, can't get any better than this)
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