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Angry Horror movies with romantic elements!

Please forgive me..if the topic has already been discussed in the forum somewhere.

Recently I saw Let The Right One In and Twilight. Now, I'm not here to make a comparison between this 2 films but just want to share & know the thoughts of yours about this kinda horror films. Precisely, the question is do you enjoy/like to see romantic elements in horror films?

Though I truly liked Let the right one in but in general I dislike the 'romance' stuff in horror films. I think we'll all agree that Romance has covered much larger portion than Horror in the history of both literature & cinema and there are probably thousands of great romantic stories out there but why it's been need to put that very common human element in horror films so miserably like the way Blood & Chocolate and Twilight did (actually these aren't horror at all...more like a teenage drama/romance)? I think it's probably the 'teenage romance' stuff that I hate mostly!?!:rolleyes: (perhaps I'm getting too old to tolerate this issue:( )!

Anyways, let the right one in has a greater human story than others and the seemingly the romantic relations between the two leads had been shown in a beautiful way. I believe it's all depends on the story, characterization, how it evolves & relates to the readers or audience and finally the execution or making part as a celluloid product but again I think it's better to keep the Romance factor out of a horror film unless the story & its characters dealt with it or enlighten it quite uniquely or cautiously that can add an extra entertainment value for the ardent horror fans.

It'll be nice of you if you can give me the names of some other so called 'horror' films that has high dose of romantic elements, cause I want to be aware of those films and avoid in future.

[Btw, Twilight sucks! **Spoiler**The vampire family looked so disturbingly 'white'...!]
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