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Opening credits role. Cut to a shot of Massacre Man, Newb and Papillon Noir running. Something's chasing them. The lights flash on and off. Papillon Noir occasionally fires some shots behind her, but they appear to be missing.

Newb: I haven't...used energy...running for a long...time.

Massacre Man: Just try and keep up!

Newb: I...can't.

He clutches his chest and slowly down to a jog.

Newb: Wait!

Massacre Man: RUN!

Massacre Man and Papillon Noir are quite far ahead now. The creature chasing them is right upon Newb, about the strike. Papillon turns and fires. The gun clicks, and no bullet fires.

Papillon Noir: Shit!

She carries on running. Massacre Man stops with a moments irresolution. Newb is kicking at the creature to keep it at bay. Massacre Man starts running towards Newb. He's about ten yards away when something falls from the ceiling above him, knocking him to the ground. It's Chronogrl.

Chronogrl: Die Motherfucker!

She pulls out a kitchen knife from her leg and throws it. The blade strikes the creature in the collar bone. It howls in pain and falls backwards off of Newb. He stands up and pulls a G-string from his pocket, wrapping it around the creature's throat and pulling. It's eyes bulge and it struggles, then goes limp. Newb retrieves the knife.

Newb: Thanks.

Chronogrl: I didn't do it for you.

She runs over, takes the knife from him and jumps back up into the ceiling.

Massacre Man: Come on.

Newb: So athletic...

Massacre Man: Now!

Fade to Monalisa and Roshiq in the hallway outside the weapons shop.

Roshiq: The quarantine has been broken. There are things nearby...

Monalisa: Where do you suggest we head?

Roshiq: Now that the door has a gaping hole in it here, I would assume your home is the safest place you could go.

Monalisa: What do you mean, "You could go"?

Roshiq: I cannot deny my duty. I signed a contract. In exchange for saving my life and making me...this, I must act for the good of the ship.

Monalisa: But you retired.

Roshiq: The current situation has changed things. Go back to your home, shut yourself in and do not relax your guard.

Monalisa: As soon as you can, come back and meet me.

Roshiq: That I will.

He nods at her and smiles. He then brings up his leg and stamps down hard on the floor, making a large hole. He slips down into it with great ease. Cut to Papillon Noir, walking anxiously down a hallway. There are moans coming from a nearby room. It's a bar. There's a body halfway out the door, blood all over it. She jumps around the corner and aims into the room.

Papillon Noir: Spread your shit or lose it!

A man is sitting at the bar, sobbing, a glass of ale in his hand. Some unconscious bodies are around him, some dead.

Papillon Noir: I won't say it again!

Flayed: A true killer doesn't give the target a chance. They pull the *Hiccup* trigger.

Papillon Noir: Don't think I won't do it!

Flayed: I don't have to think...I know you *hiccup* won't.

He turns to face her. He has long dark hair and a beard to match. The beard has two white streaks in it and the face is no older than fifty, but withered.

Papillon Noir:'s you. What a surprise, still in the bar.

Flayed: Do I know you?

Papillon Noir: It's probably been about five hundred pints since you last saw me, Flayed.

Flayed: Flayed? Who's Flayed?

Papillon Noir: You are. Geez, I hate drunk men.

Flayed: Is that the name I'm going by now? Oh yeh...HA! There was a time *Burp* when I was THE GREAT DUALBEARD, PILLAGER OF EARTH!

Papillon Noir: Listen, I don't need your crazy fantasies now, I'm kinda busy saving my skin.

Flayed: What is the point of a safe skin if it will not save other skins?

His eyes focus.

Flayed: What are you saving your skin from?

Papillon Noir: Did you just sober yourself in three seconds?

Flayed: I've never been drunk. I drink, and I try to become drunk in the hopes of drinking away the dark memories of my youth.

Papillon Noir: What is wrong with you?

Flayed: I can't do this anymore. This station needs me...

Papillon Noir: What the fuck?

Flayed: My moment of sense snapped me back. It's time for redemption. How can I be of assistance?

Papillon Noir: There are all kinds of crazy fuckers running around this ship and I'm out of bullets. It you have a weapon...

Flayed: I think I might...

He pulls a metal rod, roughly the size of a large sword handle. He twists the bottom of it. Suddenly, a silver blade the size of a large knife spring out.

Papillon Noir: Retractable knife. I could do with one of those.

Flayed rummages around in his pocket again and pulls out a can of lighter fluid. He presses the tip into a small hold just infront of the base of the blade. After a few seconds, he stops.

Flayed: Let's see if this baby still works...

He swings the blade at the metal wall. As it makes contact, a large flame erupts from the hole, disappearing when he pulls the knife away.

Flayed: So...where are the targets?

Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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