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Originally posted by ChaoticMinister
A couple people? I thought it was just me... oh well... I think it's a nice touch for my posts because I'm an aspiring screenwriter...

Just me...

Would you prefer something else?

*DOLLY/FADE OUT* - Camera pulls back while fading out.
*SWISHPAN TO BLACK* - A sharp, rapid pan to either side, stopping in darkness.
*EXPOS. TRANS. TO WHITE* - A sort of heat-sensitive effect, where everything is blurred into white.
*CUT TO BLACK* - A sudden... cut, really.

There are dozens of different ways to end the last shot of a flick, I have my favorites, but "*FADE OUT*" works best for me... easier, and all...

okay i dont know what you look like but for some reason I can imagine you standing and shaping your hands in a box and saying all this ... LOL

Fulci Lives!!!!
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