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What the shit?!?

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I actually watched it within the last week. First time.
You know...on it's own, it's about as competent as the last female ensemble comedies have been so if you can tolerate these, you can tolerate this (but then your children will be next, will be next will be next will be ne-exxxt).

Thing is, this movie was destined to fail due to the added pressure of suffering comparisons, and boy did it.
Now I don't hate any of the chicks in this (I actually like Kristen Wiig to an extent), but I find Melissa McCarthy is just pretty one-trick, and the other two newer SNL chicks were just...unremarkable?
I say that, then I say this - While I never found Harold Ramis that much to my liking, when you're talking about Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray? - None of the girls bring half the presence that either of them did.
The title song was lame. The musical score...that beautiful musical gone. Not even close.
The "threat" was a bit simplistic, and disappointing that there was a minimum of otherworldly lore involved.
The majority of the ghosts in all but a few very brief scenes looked like the standard boring "draped skeleton/spectre" look, and a kind of "winged demon" looking one, looked like something out of the scooby doo movie.
Nothing as unique as the doggies, or Gozer, or even the library ghost.

This movie...was like Starship Troopers trying to pass itself off as a remake of Aliens.

I guess some of the new gadgets/weapons were alright, and the first ghost they encounter in the subway looked pretty good.

I mean look, I watched it to the end. It wasn't THAT offputting. But yeah, I will say it falls in the category of "I don't really care if I ever see this again".

On the other hand?
This one?
This finally makes or breaks the GB franchise for me.
I have high hopes. Such damn high hopes after even Ghostbusters 2 let me down so many years ago.
If this sucks, I'm out...not that I'll have to be...
The door got in..:rolleyes:
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