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Originally Posted by endo View Post
Having seen the 1972 film Tales from the Crypt on numerous occasions, the only thing I can say about the "Wish You Were Here" story is that it was based off of a comic book and, well, it became a story in a movie. Suspend belief and all.

The one I wonder about is the first story, "And All Through the House". Why is she so afraid to call the police?
There's a homicidal maniac on the loose the night she kills her husband. Beautiful!! How could a murder go better? Everyone would have thought the maniac did it, and she and Carol are off with the insurance money.
Great movie though, watch it all the time.
good point. But she might have to do a little more than throw a candy cane on her husband and call the police. It would make a quite a film if she went outside and tried to attract the maniac into the house. sounds a bit 'home alone'.

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