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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Like what you said above, that I put in bold type... voodoo can't spread with a bite. Actually, I never thought about it being voodoo, I just assumed it was an infection. The film really just seems a dream scenario of the Dawn of the Dead situation, and I think that's what the director intended. I think the dream scenario is what basically all Fulci's films are, so it's really a fools erring to find any logic in his films.
I guess you mean his movies didn't take themselves as seriously as Romero's movies did with the social commentary right?

But in this movie voodoo was mentioned a lot and some of the people (like Lucas) were blaming the dead coming back to life on voodoo and Brian even said that the other islanders tended to avoid going to Matul because they believe it was curse

I guess it's not too different from the guy in Dawn of the Dead talking about "When there's no more room in Hell". I guess it was all a matter of what each character wanted to believe it was. Lucas and the local islanders believed it was a voodoo curse, while Dr. Meynard believes that there had to be a scientific explanation even if he couldn't find it because the outbreak was spreading too fast.

And like I said we never saw any actual voodoo being performed in this movie which I think was meant to mean something.

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