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Thumbs up The Creeping Kelp by William Meikle now available!

Dark Regions Press is happy to announce that the new novel The Creeping Kelp by William Meikle is now available for preorder in both our leather-bound signed by both author and artist Deluxe Thirteen Hardcover with slipcase edition and 100 Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover edition!

PREORDER SPECIAL: Order the 100 Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover while its still in the preorder stage and get it at $5 off the cover price!

Click here to read more about or order The Creeping Kelp by William Miekle!

Some seaweed, a jellyfish and some material brought back from the Peabodie expedition to Antarctica. An innoccuous enough blend you might think. But when a storm in the North Atlantic frees a sample that has been dormant inside an old wreck, the new creature finds that it is hungry. Our plastics-oriented society has given it an abundant supply of food... more than enough for it to grow, and build, and spread.

Can anyone escape the terror that is... THE CREEPING KELP?

Praise for William Meikle:

Aims for pure entertainment ... and hits the mark.
- Simon Morden, VECTOR

The author is relentless; just when you catch your breath, something new and exciting happens, sending you spinning into another part of the adventure, and keeping you flipping pages to see what's next.
- David Wilbanks, Horrorworld

... solid prose commands attention right from the start and carries the reader straight through to the climax.
- Garrett Peck for Cemetery Dance #40

...descriptions so vivid you can almost hear the clash of the swords and smell the blood.
- Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

Anyone who's fond of a good story and a good piece of writing will enjoy Meikle's clever conceits, interesting and earthy characters, and well turned prose.
- Dread Central

Meikle is a writer that can grace the page with words of beauty whilst twisting a nightmare into grotesque shapes before your eyes.
- Len Maynard and Mick Sims

William Meikle's short stories and novels are shining examples of what is missing in horror fiction today: atmospheric in style, old-school in character, with an intriguing story to be told. Utmost use is made of the author's native Scotland in many of his tales, and his forays into the Cthulhu Mythos stories are original in concept, building on Lovecraft's works.
- David Wynn, Mythos Books

Click here to read more about or order The Creeping Kelp by William Miekle!

About the author

William Meikle is a Scottish writer with over a dozen novels published in the genre press and over 200 short story credits in thirteen countries. He is the author of the ongoing Midnight Eye series among others, and his work appears in a number of professional anthologies. His ebook THE INVASION has been as high as #2 in the Kindle SF charts. He lives in a remote corner of Newfoundland with icebergs, whales and bald eagles for company. In the winters he gets warm vicariously through the lives of others in cyberspace, so please check him out at


To the memory of John Wyndham, H P Lovecraft, H G Wells and all the keepers of the flame who have come after them.


With thanks to Steve Price at Generation Next Publications for all the hard work he puts in that's never seen. But it is appreciated.

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