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Opening credits roll. Fade to a short montage of slow motion clips. The probe returning to Urgeok's ship and people going on to a rescue mission entering the small inter station ship. V fighting with Freak, Gorephobia's eyes looking around frantically, Chronogrl killing a group of Lux Lucis, Roshiq approaching from behind and Dante smashing the skulls of several Lux Lucis. The screen shows the countdown of the bomb "00:13:03, 00:13:02, 00:13:01. Fade back to V and Freak. Freak's tail smashes through the walls of a whole corridor and the rubble flies into V. As he flies through the air V shouts.


He hits the wall and the rubble lands on top of him. and Freak advances. Freak stabs both spikes into the pile of rubble.

Freak: Shishkeba-

He pulls the spikes out to see that one of them is broken.

Freak: What one Earth?

V: Actually, we're in a space station!

He throws the rubble off of him. Freak jumps forward, screaming. V jumps into the air and runs along Freak's back. Freak darts around and pursues him. V runs up a stairs case. Freak doesn't follow. V comes out at a corridor and hurries down in. The ground shudders and the huge tail smashes up through the floor. It knocks V off his feet. He quickly recovers and arrives at Monalisa's door.

V: Perfect!

He rushes in and picks up several long knives with a bulky mechanical handle. He also picks up two Micro SMGs. He looks around him. Everything's quiet.

V: Holy crap!

The two spikes shoots through the ground. Both narrowly miss him. He goes to run but then the boulder tipped tail smashes through the outside wall and knocks out the floor from under his feet. He falls onto Freak, who's back end it sticking out the destroyed outer wall, waving around, being sucked by the vacuum outside. The tail swipes at him again but V anticipates it and ducks. As he does, he drives one of the knives into Freak's back. A small red light starts flashing on it. V jumps off of Freak but one of the spikes acts fast and shoots through his shoulder, pinning him to the wall. Freak laughs slightly, but then his face turns to shock as the knife explodes, leaving a dinner plate sized hole in him. Blood sprays everywhere.

V: Just give up.

Freak: Never!

V: You really don't you?

Freak's tail smashes at V's legs but V moves them up so only one foot is crushed.


Freak: The great V, he senses death is near so-

V: You need to know who you are!

Freak glares up at V with a look of confusion and anger.

Freak: I have no need for who I was...that me is gone now. He is dead.


Freak: There is no going back. I am now the ultimate form.

V: That isn't what I mean!

Freak: I'll humor you...

He twists the spike slightly and V winces in pain. He uses the other, broken spike to rip the Micro SMGs from V's belt.

V: Look at your leg...

Freak: What purpose does this serve?

V: The one I broke...look at it.

Freak twists the spike again, then looks down at his leg. A small fraction of a tattoo is on it. It is about one third of a clock and every one of the outer figures is the word DIE.

Freak: Time to die...that's cute. Whoever I was obviously had a sense of humor.

V: Yes...I do.

Freak: What?

V points down at his trousers.

V: Take a look.

Freak: You're getting some kind of pleasure out of this.

V: You can see it's true...just prove it to yourself. Look.

Freak is apprehensive, but then the boulder on the end of his tail begins shaking. It shatters and falls off, replaces by a strange scissor like tip that keeps opening and closing menacingly. The tail shoots forward and before V can do anything it cuts off his leg. V screams out in pain.

Freak: Sorry...did you mean tear the trousers?

He uses the broken spike to pick up the leg and bring it closer to his face and he uses the tail to cut off the trousers. Sure enough, is the rest of the clock.

Freak: I...I don't understand. You're there...

V: I *winces* remember.

Blood pours from his new stump.

Freak: TELL ME.

He twists the spike even more. Blood trickles down from V's shoulder too.

V: I will when you...ease up...

Freak reluctantly twists the spike back to a more comfortable position.

V: The light...Secundum. When it reached me. The light. I had been wronged. My beloved...she wasn't...honest.

Freak: She was having an affair...

V: Behind my back she was in the arms of another.

Freak: I planned to kill her...

V: I was extreme but I couldn't take any more.

Freak: She deserved it.

V: So full of hate...blood lust.

Freak: The light came just a few minutes too soon...

V: All those bad thoughts. Those thoughts of killing, of hindering the human race. it already is. They materialized.

Freak: I was...made. I am you. I...I...ha. HA!

He becomes laughing manically.

V: You are pure hatred materialize-

Freak twists the spikes again and rushes his face towards V.

Freak: All this time...I was fighting against my other side. My human side. I thought I had to push it down...but you're it. HA!

V: Oh shit!

The tail darts forward straight as V's face. V puts his hands up and grabs it. They struggle for a moment and V holds the scissors open, then begins moving it down towards the spike in his shoulder. Freak twists it almost full circle. V winces but keeps moving it. The blunt spike rushes around in stabs into V's chest painfully. V keeps moving the tail, then as it hovers around the spike, slams it shut. The spike breaks. V then rips the scissors open the other way, splitting them at the joint and pulls the spike out of his shoulder. He falls from the wall but the blunt spike holds him up. Freak screams out in pain and anger. He thrashes and the spike in V's chest shoots underneath freak's body. Freak spins around and holds the spike out of the hole in the ship. V is out in the vacuum. As he starts to slide loose of the spike he's now clinging onto, Freak laughs. V can't hear it. V nods down at Freak's underbelly.

Buried in two of his back legs and the front of his underside are the mechanical knives. They all explode, throwing Freak off his feet. V seizes the opportunity and tugs the spike. Freak flies from the inside of the station and both he and V shoot through space. They fly through the abyss, the light of Secundum appears ahead of them. They get close then something large collides with them. Everything goes black. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...

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