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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of a large space station with the letters CA01 on the side. Fade to inside the bridge. A woman takes a headset of and lays it on the desk in front of her.

Missmacabre: Captain. The AM05 started up their black fusion.

Urgeok: Really? Well, the AM03 should be near by.

Missmacabre: They should. I tried to make contact with them but they were unresponsive. In fact, there has been no word from the AM03 for over a week.

Urgeok: Keep trying to contact them. If they remain unresponsive we'll have to send out a probe.

Fade to a shot of the two crashed stations. Fade to V. He's crouching in a dust filled corridor.

V: Come on...where are you?

A huge boulder swings at him. He jumps over it just in time, but as he lands the spiked tentacle swings across. He tries to duck underneath it but one of the spikes slices at his shoulder. He turns and runs down the corridor. The sounds of the creature chasing him follow.

V: Open space...

He reaches a door, and above it is a large yellow M. He rushes inside. It's a McDonalds with tables and desks everywhere. He runs to the other side of the room and dives over the counter. Within seconds, the wall with the door he ran through smashes open. When the dust clears, the creature is revealed.

V: Nice...

The creature is roughly eight feet from the ground to the top of it's head. It has four legs on either side and moves like a scorpion. It's face has two large eyes which are bright white. It's nose appears to be broken in several places and is squashed to the face. The mouth is small, and has several barbed tentacles surrounding it. On either side of it's body are the large spiked tentacles, and it's tail it the boulder tipped tentacle. Each leg has four joints in it. There are small pieces of humanity sticking from the creature. A mutated hand protrudes from it's temple. On the side of it's neck is the face of The Return, his face contorted into a scream. He speaks in a gargled voice.

Freak: Let's end this!

V stands up from the counter and starts firing at Freak. Freak leaps at V but the tables slow him down long enough for V to run into the back room. He slams the door shut and jumps up through the ceiling. He stays there until the large boulder slams into the room. He drops down on top of it and clings on as it swings back to Freak. He runs up Freak's tail, firing the gun down into him, but both the spiked tentacles swing at him and throw him through the next wall. He falls down a stairwell.

Freak: You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

He dives down the stairwell at V, who looks up just in time to see Freak land on top of him. Freak wraps the tentacles around him mouth around V's neck and tightens them. V drops the gun.

Freak: You never stood a chance. I know what you are. I'm not taking any chances!

V pulls out a huge hunting knife and hacks at the tentacles until they let go. As he quickly gets up, one of Freak's legs slams down on him. V breaks the leg at one of the joints with his bare hands. He crawls away then jumps down the stairwell. Cut to Dante. He's fighting a Lux Lucis. He uses the large spikes sticking from his sides to disembowel the creature. He looks around him, clutches his head, then screams in pain.


Suddenly, his mouth rips wide open, stretching outwards. His muscles suddenly to immense sizes and his skin turns a tough grey colour. He picks up the bomb and places it on his back. Strange tentacles reach out and clutch it, keeping it tightly there. He punches out the wall, showing the AM03 on the other side. He throws himself through the void of space and with the speed he's carrying lands on the outer wall. He clutches on tightly, and punches at a window. It smashes. He rips out the wall around it and crawls through. Once he's inside, he lets out a loud roar/ scream which rings throughout the ship. It is answered by calls from the Lux Lucis.

Dante: Get off my ship...

Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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