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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed space stations. Fade to a short montage of slow motion clips showing; Flayed and V fighting, Dante sitting by the large machinery. Gorephobia, Monalisa, Chronogrl and Papillon Noir carefully edging through corridors. Chronogrl dives ahead and tackles a Lux Lucis. Fade back to V and Flayed fighting. There are dead bodies all around them. Flayed is looking hurt, covered in bruises and blood.

V: Hang in there!

Flayed: These things don't let up!

A creature grabs him from behind and pulls his head back, ready to cut his throat with it's nail. Flayed yells and stabs his flaming sword into the face of the creature.

V: Come on. Let's go!

He shoots the last Lux Lucis in the eye and the two of them start running. There's a faint pounding. The floor is shaking slightly. A short clip shows the same thing happening to Gore and the rest. Cut back to V and Flayed.

Flayed: What was -

V: I don't know. But I don't think it sounded very good.

The pounding gets louder.

V: Come on...I think we should leave.

The ground shakes to the point that it almost knocks them off their feet. A loud roar echos down the hall.


The two of them start running. Something smashes through the floor, throwing the two of them forward. V lands on his feet, turns and sees Flayed still on the floor. He runs back and grabs him, pulling him away from the large thing. It's a strange grey tentacle tipped with a solid ball of bone and covered in strange spikes. It's pulsating violently. The two of them run further, heading towards a door. A huge scythe like spike stabs up through the floor in front of them and rips downwards, pulling the ground with it. V throws Flayed over it, then jumps. As he does, another of the boulder tipped appendages flies up, smashing into his leg, but he still lands on the other side.

V: GO!

Flayed doesn't hesitate, running forward. V, clutching his leg still, shoots the appendage, which sinks back down. V looks back at Flayed who is going through the door. He winces in pain as he clicks his leg back into place, then dives down the hole. Fade to Gorephobia and the rest of them. They're in a large room filled with bile. Chronogrl is gouging out the eyes of a Lux Lucis.

Monalisa: Why are we following this bitch?

Gorephobia: Watch it!

Chronogrl: Calm down, Gorephobia. I think we've gathered I don't need you to look after me.

Gorephobia: I'm sorry.

Chronogrl: Jesus, grow some balls. Stop being so nice to me.

Gorephobia: Okay...

She turns to him.

Chronogrl: There you go again!

Papillon Noir: Can we cut to domestic?

Chronogrl: No, I need to sort this out.

Gorephobia: I will.

Chronogrl: There you go again! Always doing what I say. Is this because you feel you owe me? What? It doesn't make up for what you did. You left me...I was so young.

Gorephobia: I know.

Chronogrl: We didn't speak for years. Now, you've come back into my life and even though we're surrounded by a colony of mutated crew members but you still keep sucking up to me!

Gorephobia: I'm just trying to be nice!

Chronogrl: We don't need nice! We need a fucking fighter!

Gorephobia: I think we've got that in you, haven't we? You've become some kind of Xena thing! What happened to you?

Chronogrl: I adapted!

The two of them are right in front of each other.

Gorephobia: No. You became some kind of messed up, insane, bloodhound!

The two of them glare at each other, then without warning begin kissing passionately.

Papillon Noir: Christ...

Monalisa: Is this really the fucking time?

Papillon Noir: These two scare me.

Monalisa: Just leave them!

Papillon Noir: Then what? Look where we ended up last time we were on our own. Speaking of which...shit.

Monalisa: What?

Papillon Noir: I'm still...pregnant.

Chronogrl stops kissing Gore and turns to Papillon Noir.

Chronogrl: This might hurt a little.

Chronogrl uses one hand to effortlessly open Papillon Noir's mouth, then sticks a finger in the back of her throat. Papillon gags a bit, then pukes up. The creature doesn't come up with it.

Monalisa: What did that achieve?

Chronogrl: Any second now...

Papillon Noir starts coughing, and blood comes up.

Chronogrl: Right on queue!

She runs up behind Papillon Noir and begins giving her the Heimlich. The creature still doesn't come up.

Chronogrl: Hmmm.

Gorephobia: What do we do now?

Chronogrl: I suppose...we wait. But before the birth, we're gonna have some trouble.

Monalisa: What?

Chronogrl: In a couple of seconds, we're gonna have quite a few of those things in here.

Monalisa and Gorephobia look at her, confused.

Chronogrl: I can hear them. And what? Did you think you could kill things and have arguments in the main nest thing without being heard?

She laughs slightly. The sound of approaching creatures echoes through the halls. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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