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Opening credits roll. Fade to the sound of a heart beating. There's very quite, distorted shouting. The sound of blood spurting. The camera zooms out backwards from the darkness and reveals itself to be inside Monalisa. She coughs up some blood.

Papillon Noir: What do we do?!

Chronogrl: What can we do?

Papillon Noir: We can't just stand here! DO SOMETHING!

Chronogrl sighs and walks over to Monalisa. She lifts up her left hand and then shoves it down Monalisa's throat, Monalisa struggles for air and begins thrashing. Chronogrl pulls out a small creature, looking exactly like the other ones but smaller. She looks at it with disgust as it pathetically struggles for freedom. She bites the creatures head of and smiles at the shocked look on Papillon Noir's face.

Chronogrl: Tastes like-

Papillon Noir: Don't say it!

Chronogrl: Chicken.

She giggles slightly. Monalisa gasps for air.

Chronogrl: So, you ladies gonna help me?

Papillon Noir: With what?

Chronogrl: Setting up a fucking tea party. What do you think? Killing these bastards!

Monalisa: Only if...I get to kill that...Freak.

Chronogrl: Done. Come on.

Papillon Noir: You can't be serious? We have fuck all weapons and even less stamina. We'll be walking into a slaughter.

Chronogrl: Look around you. This whole ship is a slaughter. We're probably the last ones left, and if we can just kill a few, maybe it would be worth it. Maybe it would let us die happy. You know, knowing that we made a difference.

Monalisa: Leave her. She'd probably rather die huddled in a corner with some stolen jewelery.

Papillon Noir: Better than dying in the arms of some android. I don't know what went on between you and the Roshiq thing but I'm pretty sure it was fucked up.

Monalisa starts towards her. Chronogrl holds her back.

Chronogrl: Not that I care if you two tear each other's skin off, but I have some bad news about Roshiq.

Monalisa: Oh He isn't...

Chronogrl: Not But I think he might as well be.

Monalisa: Explain!

Chronogrl: I don't know exactly...they've kind of...erm, pimped him out. He's like some kind of war machine.

Monalisa: Fuck. FUCK! I shouldn't have let him go off on his own!

Chronogrl: Well you did, and now he's trying to kill us. But we can worry about him later.

Monalisa: No. I'm gonna worry about him now!

Papillon Noir: Can we just fucking deci-


Chronogrl: You're the one talking shit.

Monalisa: You know what, who the fuck are you anyway? You just appeared on here and now you think you're some kind of action hero.

Chronogrl: I'd break you in two in two seconds if I though you were slowing us down.

Monalisa: Sure you would, you slapper.

Papillon Noir: Jesus H. Christ!

Monalisa: Roshiq told me about how he saved you from those twats. Years ago. But you know what, I bet you loved every second of it.

Chronogrl lashes out and punches Monalisa in the face, she grabs her head and is about to twist when Gorephobia hobbles into the room.

Gorephobia: Shit, ladies!

They all stare at him. Fade to Massacre Man climbing down a hole in the floor. He looks around, everything around him is in shadow. HE takes a few steps forward. The lights above him turn on. Still, nothing there. But there's a huge amount of blood on the walls.

Massacre Man: Fuckin' A.

He carefully walks forwards, then reaches a large stone door.

Massacre Man: Here we are...

He scans his key card, then places his small portable map in a large hole, like an over sized USB stick. The door painfully slides open with a loud creaking sound. Massacre Man walks into a large, grand looking room, all the walls are still stone, a bleak green colour. In the center of the room is a single small monitor with a green flashing light on it, and s small keyboard of numbers next to the screen. Just before it, there is a small pile of bodies. They appear to have been dead for a while. He slowly approaches them, kicks them slightly, then when he's satisfied they're dead, walks around them. He reaches the monitor and is about to press a button when he hears a soft chuckling behind him. He whips around to see one of the dead bodies standing up. It appears to have very little control over it's body.

Body: Very well done, Captain Massacre Man.

Massacre Man: FUCK!

He shoots a spike into the bodt. It remains standing.

Body: Please, go ahead. I simply want to congratulate you on your success. You are clearly the superior beings.

Massacre Man:'re that thing, aren't you? Secundum?

Body: Some call me that.

Massacre Man: But...why aren't you killing me?

Body: I just wanted to know...why? What motivated you to do this? All this work. Was it because of your duty as a captain? Was it because you were trying to survive? Or did you have something to prove? Think about it.

Massacre Man: I don't know what kind of mind game you're tying to play on me but it isn't working. I don't have time for this.

He pulls up his gun and shoots a spike into the bodies throat. It tries to speak but can't. Massacre Man laughs slightly, but then is shocked when the body turns and runs towards the door. It reaches a small panel next to them, then punches in a few buttons and the doors open. Massacre Man tries to shoot it but it won't die. He runs out of spikes. The body punches the panel, smashing the buttons. The doors stay open. It leans out the door, then screaches out a sound identical to the one that the Lux Lucis make. It is followed a few seconds later by a distant response from more creatures. The body smiles, turns and salutes to Massacre Man, then it falls limply to the floor. Massacre Man swears under his breath. Ending credits roll to the sound of creatures approaching.

The Ferrets like it...
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