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Massacre Man: Nice work!

They manage to wipe them out and proceed down the stairs. Gorephobia stops suddenly, beside a series of monitors.

Massacre Man: What?

Gorephobia: Look!

On one of the scenes, a short three second clip shows Chronogrl dropping from the roof of a corridor and start attacking a Lux Lucis. Gorephobia looks at the words on the monitor;

"Level 2, Hall G, Camera 4. 12:41"

The Video repeats itself a few more times then switches to an empty hallway.

Gorephobia: What's the time?

Massacre Man: I don't know!

Gorephobia: Check!

Massacre Man: Fucking hell.

He pulls out his small ship map monitor and checks the time.

Massacre Man: 12:49.

Gorephobia: She's alive...holy crap. SHE'S ALIVE!

Massacre Man: We need to go on.

Gorephobia: I have to find her.

Massacre Man: What the fuck? NO! We need to get to the manual-

Gorephobia: I'm going to find her. We're close. We're only one level and two halls away!

Massacre Man: Why the fuck is she, and why should I care?

Gorephobia: You wouldn't understand.

Massacre Man: No, I don't. And as your captain I'm-

Gorephobia: Sorry. I am. But I need to find her. You can handle this. We're close.

Massacre Man: Exactly. You can find her after.

Gorephobia: You and I both know that once we're in there, we're not opening the door.

Massacre Man is speechless.

Massacre Man: You're gonna get us both killed.

Gorephobia: Let's hope not...keep going. You can make it.

He nods to Massacre Man, then runs off along a passageway, and turns a corner. Massacre Man sighs. Cut to Gorephobia, running along the corridor. He shoots an approaching Lux Lucis, taking off three of it's legs. He runs around it and gets to a flight of stairs. He rushes down them, then...flames. A stream of flames pound into his already burnt skin. He screams, flails around, then falls down the stairs.

The flames go out and he looks up. Roshiq is walking painfully down the stairs, several of his guns broken. Gorephobia watches in disbelief as more flames shoot at him. He rolls out of the way, and tries to get up. His legs give way and he has to start crawling. Roshiq walks towards him. They're on a balcony facing inwards to a large room. Bullets rain towards Gorephobia. He crawls to the edge of the balcony and sees that he's at the swimming pool. He pulls himself over the edge and falls into the water. More bullets fly at him. He swims to the bottom of the water, to a large series of smashed up tiles, which water's draining out of. He pulls a large knife from his pocket and starts smashing it into the weak tiles. A bullet pounds into the back of his leg and he screams some air out. He keeps hacking at it, making relatively large indent. He then pulls a small ball from pocket and shoves it into the indent. He punches the ball then swims away, bullets missing him narrowly. At the other end of the pol he quickly rises up for air and the explosive goes off, launching water up into the air. A huge hole appears in the bottom of the pool and the water floods into it, pulling Gorephobia with it. He falls down into a hallway with bile all over the walls. He around, then with the help of the wall, stands up.

Gorephobia: Fuck...YES!

He looks up at a small sign on the ceiling, saying "Level 2, Hall G". Then, a voice sounds.

Chronogrl: What?!

Papillon Noir: She' birth.

Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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