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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed ships. Fade to Doc Faustus, walking along a dark corridor. There's a faint dripping sound, and a light buzzes eerily at the end of the corridor. The laser from his gun slowly moves along in front of him. Something moves slightly up ahead of him. He stops, then pulls a small pair of goggles from his pocket. He looks down at them, a small, dim red light flashes. He sighs, then puts them on and presses the side. The camera shows through his eyes. Up ahead, a small heap of skin on the floor shuffles. It appears to have a misshaped face. Within a few seconds, the goggles run out of power and he takes them off. He walks towards the heap, his gun pointed forward.

Heap: So you...

Doc Faustus: Jesus.

Heap: You're the one...

Doc Faustus: Identify yourself!

Heap: I can't...

Doc Faustus: I'll shoot you.

Heap: I don't...know. Who I are.

Doc Faustus: Is this some sort of trap. Well?! What are you?

Heap: I think...I'm the left over.

Doc Faustus: You have three seconds to-

Heap: Yes...that's it. Ha...

Doc Faustus: What the hell are you?

The heap stays silent. Doc Faustus shoots a warning shot.

Heap: The...the thing that happened. know?

Doc Faustus: Yes...

Heap: I think...I'm the wasted...the left over stuff. The bit that left.

Doc Faustus: Explain!

Heap: When the people...they became those things...I've watched them. I watched them feed on the survivors...they are no longer human. The...the humanity left them and...then I was made.

Doc Faustus: You're the...humanity?

Heap: I think so.

Doc Faustus: How can you say that? You're not human. Look at yourself. You're a pile of skin and organs.

Heap: Is that not...what the humans are?

Doc Faustus: We're so much more than that!

Heap: I...I feel. I feel...for the people.

Doc Faustus: You're less human that those creatures!

Heap: And you would...know about humanity? You walked this...corridor before. You killed...a survivor...

Doc Faustus: Shut up!

He walks towards the heap, the gun pointed at it.

Heap: Please...please don't. Don't kill...don't kill the last bit of humanity...on this ship.

Doc Faustus: I'm human!

Heap: Please!

Doc Faustus looks away as he fires art the ground. The heap cries out, then goes silent. Doc Faustus keeps firing. The bullets fly from the gun, then just clicking as he has no ammo left. Fade to Dante, carrying Hammerfan and the bomb.

Dante: We're nearly there. Nearly...

Hammerfan: It hurts..

Dante: Don't give up now. Come on, we're gonna get out of this.

Hammerfan: Why did this happen?

Dante: Save your energy. Just hang in there.

Hammerfan: My husband. The love of my life. He was going to kill me.

Dante: It wasn't him. Not really.

Hammerfan: Why did he do that to me?

Dante: We're nearly there.

Hammerfan: That secundum thing. It ruined everything.

Dante: I know...I know.

Hammerfan: But we can't...destroy it.

Dante keeps walking along.

Hammerfan: Can we?

Dante: I...I just don't know.

Hammerfan: It took everything from me.

Dante: Let's just get through this.

They reach a door. He opens it with a key card from his pocket. Inside it a large circular disc on the ground. He sets down Hammerfan and the Bomb, then lifts up the disc. It leads down a ladder to a dark, metal, rusted corridor.

Dante: I'll just be gone a second. Okay?

She nods lazily at him, her pale face losing more and more color by the second. He takes hold of the bomb and goes down the ladder. About ten seconds later, Hammerfan notices a sniffing behind her. She turns to see a small Lux Lucis, smiling widely at her. She lamely tries to call out

Hammerfan: Dante...Dante...

The creature bites into her collar bone and she winces in pain. Dante doesn't appear. She starts tapping on the ground with her feet, whilst trying to fight off the creature. Down the hole, Dante hears the tapping, then notices a drop of blood drip down. He looks below him, still about ten feet to go. He looks up again, as the tapping gets more frantic, then, with a wince, he drops the bomb. It doesn't explode. He rushes up the ladder and as he gets out, he finds a still Hammerfan being chewed on by the creature. He cries out with anger, grabs hold of the creature and rips the skin off it's body. From his back, suddenly, two spiked appendages appear. They stab into the creature. He throws it limply to floor.

Dante: Hammerfan!

She doesn't respond. He looks down at the two appendages, a look of horror on his face, then he looks back at her, worried. He taps her face.

Dante: Hammerfan. Please.

Her eye moves lightly, and she blinks. The blood drips from her shoulder.

Hammerfan: I...I'm not going to-

Dante: Don't say it...

Hammerfan: did your best

Dante: You're gonna make it. Come on. We're so close.

Hammerfan: Good captain...

Dante: Please...

He starts to cry slightly.

Dante: Please...don't're the last one left. The last of our ship...I failed them all.

She shakes her head.

Hammerfan: Good...captain.

Her head stops moving and her eyes glaze over. Dante, tears dripping down his face, closes her eyes and kisses her cheek.

Dante: Goodbye...

He turns and jumps down the hole, landing on the floor. He looks ahead of him. The corridor ends in a huge room, with a large metal mechanism of large levers and steel spheres. He picks up the bomb and slowly walks towards it. Fade to Massacre Man and Gorephobia. They're killing a group of the creatures, whilst backing down a flight of stairs. Gore takes off a few of their heads with his garrote gun, whilst Massacre Man fires metal spikes into their heads with another gun. Creatures start coming up the stairs too. Gorephobia kicks them back then throws a grenade at them. It explodes in a ball of electricity and the creatures twitch slightly.

The Ferrets like it...
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