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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed space stations. Fade to Freak and several Lux Lucis, walking into a room. The room is circular, with wires running up and down it. There are upturned chairs pushed to the walls, and the sticky bile is everywhere. Around the walls, stuck by the bile are Disease, Bloody Ribcut, Angra, The Return and Newb, as well as several other dead bodies.

Freak: Greeting gentlemen! I welcome you to my humble abod-

Disease spits at him.

Freak: The only other guy to do that to me was real drunk. I mean, he was legless.

He walks over to Disease and with a swift slash of his claw, slices off both legs at the knee.

Freak: So are you.


His screams are silenced by a quick piece of bile.

Freak: Now, I called you here for a reas-

Bloody Ribcut: Go fuck yourself!

Angra: I'm looking forward to gutting you...

Freak: If I get interrupted one more time, there will be serious consequences!

He waves his large claws around. Everybody is silent.

Freak: Thank, we are the Lux Lucis. It translates as The Light, from Latin. We are named this due to how we came into this world. Now, the light that made us is a being of incredible power. But he has been growing weak...very weak. It is therefore lucky that I have a strong knowledge of electronics and was able to use the ship's translator to put the information stored in the light into binary. I know, I am brilliant.

Angra and The Return look at each other, with a look of both anxiety and anger.

Freak: You will notice that we are in a conference room gentlemen. There is a reason I chose this. You see, it has a large three dimensional projector. It doesn't take a genius to see where I am going. IF I can replicate the light, I have complete control over evolution. And with some slight operations...I can splice.

Bloody Ribcut: Holy shit...

Newb: WHAT?

Bloody Ribcut: He's gonna mix us up.

Newb: What do you mean?

Freak: THIS!

He signals, and a Lux Lucis walks into the room, holding a squealing rat.

Freak: Dr. your heart out.

Freak walks over to a wall set computer and types a few buttons, then, he pushes a small lever. Out of the wall, a downward facing box protrudes. There are several lenses on it. Freak punches a button and then, there's a blinding white light. The people on the walls close their eyes. The light fades and in the middle of the room is a lux lucis with the nose of a rat, patches of fur dotted around and large, bloodshot eyes. It's tail is curled and thick, half fused to it's body and it's hands are barely distinguishable blobs of flesh. The creature pathetically squeaks. Freak walks over to it, smiles slightly, then bends down and breaks it's neck with one hand.

Freak: Abomination.

He turns back to the people around the walls.

Freak: That was an evolution slash spicing of a rat and Lux Lucis. What was created was a pathetic excuse for life. But, imagine it. 5 humans evolving into something like me. Me evolving into something even superior. And then put together...

He smiles and licks his lips.

Freak: Take them off!

Lux Lucis appear and pull the men off the walls, still covered in bile. They're thrown into the middle of the room.

Angra: Jesus. We're dying looking like an intergalactic space orgy...

Freak: I like your humour. I'll miss it.

Freak presses some buttons and then walks over to the pile of men. He stands on top of it, looking up, triumphantly. Below him, The Return looks around frantically, trying to find some escape. He spots something on Freak's leg. A tattoo. He gasps and opens his mouth to shout but then...the light turns on. Fade to the room where Papillon Noir was impregnated. She is now hangling from the ceiling, opposite Monalisa. Both are sweating, looking worn out.

Monalisa: How did it get this way?

Papillon Noir: I know...

Monalisa: No. I mean, I was always prepared. I was always ready for something like this. Always ready for a fight, and now I'm some alien's bitch! It's not right! IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR!

Papillon Noir: I know!

Monalisa: NO YOU DON'T! You can't understand!

Papillon Noir: You can't let it get inside you!

Monalisa: I can't exactly sick it up.

Papillon Noir: I don't mean like that. I've been locked up before. Many times. You have to stay strong or you'll never get out.

One of the Lux Lucis laughs from the side.

Lux Lucis: You little birdies ain't goin' nowhere!

He keeps laughing, then is suddenly silent. His body slumps to the ground. Chronogrl bends over it and takes a gun from it's pocket. Another Lux from the other side runs towards her, firing wildly. Chrongrl dives to the side and shoots it cleanly in the head. She looks at the two other women, then runs to Papillon Noir and starts freeing her.

Monalisa: Let's kill these ba-

She splutters, then deep red blood spurts out of her mouth. She tries to breathe but can't.

Papillon Noir: It's started...

Chronogrl: What?!

Papillon Noir: She' birth.

Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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