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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two ships, frozen in space. Pieces of rubble are starting to drift away. Fade to Chronogrl, running up the staircase. Roshiq is painfully following, shooting bullets up the stairs. She risks a look over and a jet of flame shoots past her face, singing her hair.

Chronogrl: Fucking A!

She reaches a fire hose on the wall and frantically pulls it off, firing a fast jet of water at Roshiq, who falls backwards, but he quickly gains his balance again and shoots a small explosive into the nozzle. Chronogrl throws it down and runs as it blows up.

Roshiq: Do not...fight. I am...sorr-Prepare for deeeath-th-th-th.

Chronogrl: This is just great.

She pulls a knife from a small belt around her leg and throws it down at him. The knife bounces off and out of one of the many metal appendages on his legs, several spinning blades fly towards her, followed by en explosive then more bullets. She grabs the explosive but the shower of bullets smash into the wall next to her and in a jolt of panic she miscalculates the throw, with it landing several steps up from Roshiq. Luckily, the blast blows a chunk of stone at his legs, damaging some of the weapons and knocking him backwards. Chrono takes advantage of this. She dives over the handrail and lands with a crash on the floor, unhurt. She looks at her extremely tough skinned hand and kisses it as she runs into Level 2, Hall G. Behind her, Roshiq makes his way back down the stairs. Chronogrl jumps onto the ceiling and crawls along, using the strange thick bile as a climbing frame. Fade to Massacre Man and Gorephobia, running down a hallway. Something drops from the ceiling in front of them.

Rayne: Sup dudes.

She punches Gorephobia to the floor as Dude Guadalupe appears and holds back Massacre Man. Rayne walks slowly over to him, showing her long, sharp nails. Dude Guadalupe pulls back Massacre Man's neck, displaying his veins.

Massacre Man: Scum!

Rayne: Shush child, or, I shall have to cut you off mid sentence.

Dude Guadalupe laughs and puts pressure on Massacre Man's skull. He struggles but it's no use, and Rayne's nail moves closer. Suddenly, deep blue blood sprays in Massacre Man's face. Rayne screams and clasps her arm where her hand was.

Gorephobia: I have been useless too much today!

He stands up, brandishing a small gun at Dude Guadalupe, who uses Massacre Man as a human shield. Rayne, in a fit of anger, runs at Gorephobia, but he punches her away with the gun then fires again. Two small balls fire out in opposite directions, a thin wire of metal connecting them. The thin piece of metal takes the top half of Rayne's head off. Dude Guadalupe shouts out in anger.

Dude Guadalupe: You son of a bitch! I'm gonna break your friend for that! BASTARD!

He starts crushing Massacre Man's head.

Gorephobia: Fuck off!

He throws a small ball from his pocket directly at the piece of Dude's head showing. Dude moves his head to the side and Gorephobia shoots the gun again, directly at Dude's now exposed face. It hits him but doesn't cut all the way through. The wire is embedded in his mouth, and he falls to the floor. Gorephobia walks over to him and stamps on his face.

Gorephobia: Bout time I did something useful.

Massacre Man takes a minute to gain his breath then they press on. Fade to The Flayed One. He's walking wearily through the ship, examining a blood soaked corpse on a bed. He bends over to it and takes the wedding ring off it's finger, smiling as he does so. He goes to another room and takes a necklace of a dead child's neck. As he walks out, three Lux Lucis rush him from all directions. They flash their claws and teeth, attacking him brutally, before he gets the chance to grab his flaming sword.


One of the creatures takes the flaming sword and holds it up, then he swings it down. The blade connects with one of the other creatures. He then swings it at the other.

Lux Lucis: This is my kill, boys!

He licks his lips.

Lux Lucis: I believe we all deserve a hot meal...hehehe.

The creatures brains shower over The Flayed One as bullets pound into it's skull. He rolls out of the way just before the sword falls onto him. The Flayed One retrieves his weapon and stands. Somebody runs in front of him. It's V.

V: You're welcome.

The Flayed One: I owe you...

V: Yes you do. How do you like the idea of helping me kill this cunts?

The Flayed One looks V up and down, taking in his heavy weaponry.

The Flayed One: Sounds like a deal...lets go.

The two of them walk out of the room and into the hallway, passing a sign that says "Level 2, Hall D"

The Ferrets like it...
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