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Opening credits roll. Fade to V and Dante, standing in the hallway. They hear shooting and run to the room where it's coming from. Doc Faustus is standing up, a dead creature on the ground beside him.

Doc Faustus: Fucker took me by surprise!

V and Dante nod, then walk out. Doc Faustus follows them as they walk along the hallway. Doc looks solemn as he cuts his finger on a sharp piece of his armor and squeezes a drop of blood onto the ground. V and Dante, in front of him don't notice it. Cut to Roshiq, surrounded by creatures, laughing as he shoots at all of them, killing them off.

Roshiq: I missed this.

Something rolls along the ground towards him. It's a small metal ball, about the size of a tennis ball. He looks at it and his eyes widen. He turns and dives but he's too late. The ball explodes, showering ball bearing sized blue balls in all directions. A few creature scream out as the balls smash into them. The tiny glowing spheres crash into the solid metal of Roshiq's gun sprouting limbs and he crashes to the ground. Small arcs of electricity travel around his legs as he lay motionless on the ground. A few of the creatures run to him.

Freak: REST!

The creatures pull back. One, however, carries on towards Roshiq. Suddenly, Freak flies through the air at the creature and effortlessly rips open it's rib cage. Freak appears to have gained more muscle and his elongated forehead has changed shape, now wider and flatter, like a crown. He turns to the paralyzed Roshiq and smiles as he kneels beside him.

Freak: You've been a very bad boy, haven't you?

Roshiq: If I had saliva, I assure you, you would now be wiping it from your eye.

Freak: Ooh, he's a jester.

Roshiq: You could say that.

Freak: Listen, me and my colleagues here had a good thing going until you came in and messed up our...groove.

Roshiq: I apologize.

Freak: Thankyou.

Roshiq: No, I was talking to your mother. It can't have been easy to have the doctor present you as he baby.

Freak laughs sarcastically, then in a flash changes. He grabs Poshiq by the throat and pins him against the wall.

Freak: You have no idea what we are capable of.

Roshiq: Really?

Freak: We are the Lux Lucis! We are the way forward. We are the rightful occupants of this orbitary world in which we live. And in the paradise that we make, there will be no use for tenacious cyborgs.

Roshiq: Do you not remember who you are?

Freak: What?

Roshiq: You don' you?

Freak: No...and that's the way it will remain.

Roshiq: Do you really think this will succeed. I am not alone. There are greater powers that can stop you.

Freak: I'm sure there are. But it's not me they're going to be stopping...

He smiles at the confused look on Roshiq's face, then digs his claw into Roshiq's makeshift camera lens eye, digging his finger around into Roshiq's head, then he lets him drop to the floor.

Freak: Come on. Time is short, and we have work to do.

Several of the Lux Lucis grab Roshiq and carry him away. Fade to Newb and Massacre Man. They are running down a staircase. Massacre Man punches a Lux Lucis and it topples over the railings, smashing it's head on some steps. The dazed creature stands and makes a jump at them. It digs it's claw into Newb's foot, who kicks out. The creature falls once more, with a sickening crunch. It lies motionless on the ground.

Massacre Man: Fuck, that was close.

Newb: Bloody thing took a chunk out of my foot!

Massacre Man: Can you walk on it?

Newb: Just about.

Massacre Man: Then let's keep moving! We're nearly at the cafeteria.

Fade to inside the Café. Gorephobia is still gawping out the hole. He throws a piece of rubble out of it and it flies in the same direction Chronogrl did. A group of people are huddled on the floor, another man banging at the metal door. There's a small rectangular hole in the wall beside the door with several wires sticking out.

Gorephobia: Nobody can hear you!

The man at the door turns to him.

Man: And that crazy girlfriend of yours is dead. Let me keep my hope, and you keep yours.

Gorephobia: You watch your mouth!

Man: Oh yeh, I forgot that people can survive in a vacuum now!

Gorephobia: Shut your mouth!


Gorephobia walks over to him, squaring up to the man. The man doesn't flinch.

Man: She's dead, and there's nothing you can do about it. So just sit down and grieve, or help me try and get everyone else out of here!

Gorephobia nods. The man turns and continues banging at the door. Gorephobia looks around and notices a long metal pole on the floor.

Gorephobia: I think I have a better idea...

Cut to Massacre Man and Newb. They're outside a door.

Newb: Here it is.

Massacre Man presses a rectangular panel beside the door. It opens. Massacre Man pushes Newb out of the way just in time. Gorephobia and the Man rush at the door with the metal pole. As it opens, they try to stop. Gorephobia just manages it, but the other man isn't so lucky. He topples over the staircase and lands on the floor below, with the dead Lux Lucis.

Massacre Man: Jesus Christ!

The men look over the edge. The man is on the floor, the pole going straight through the back of his head. All of the other people from the café rush out, up the stairs. The men are still looking over. Suddenly, the people who ran up the stairs run back down, screaming. A body falls down, covered in blood, just as the shrill sound of a Lux Lucis screaming echoes down the stairs.

Gorephobia: Holy Shit!

Massacre Man: Well said.

The three men turn and run further down the stairwell as the creatures rush down after them. Ending credits roll.

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