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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of Flayed and Papillon Noir. They're walking through the hallways.

Papillon Noir: Surely there must be more people on the ship than this. I've hardly seen anyone.

Flayed: Well, it's lunch time. A lot of people would be in the front half of the ship.

Papillon Noir: Oh god...

Flayed: What?

Papillon Noir: Those things...the people.

Flayed: Toughen up girl. You're gonna need to be tough if you're gonna survive this.

Papillon Noir: I know. If there's anything I learned from being in that cell is that it's survival of the fittest.

Flayed: Exactly. So considering we're up against there things, we're gonna have a hard time.

Fade to Hammerfan. She's edging around the corners carefully, looking for any sign of danger. There's a noise from the ceiling. She starts and looks up. Nothing there. She sighs with relief. Something grabs her from behind, it's long fingers curling around her throat. She tries to shouts out but it's grip is already too tight. Another creature appears in front of her. She japs her elbow back into the creature, startling it long enough for her to grab it's long finger and twist. The other creature jumps but she ducks first and runs away. The creatures follow.

Fade to Dante, running through the AM03. Everything is dark. At the end of the corridor he just makes out the shape of a creature, crawling menacingly towards him. It lets out a sharp roar, like a cross between a snake's hiss and an elephant's scream. In the darkness, hidden, Dante screams a louder roar, exactly the same. The creature squeals.

Creature: I am at your command, sir.

Before Dante can talk, a green beam appears in front of him, pointing to the creature.

Creature: What the fuck is tha-

Several bullets shoot through the darkness, killing the creature instantly. Another beam focuses on Dante but he dives out of the way and rolls along the floor. A few bullets rain down around him but he's too fast, jumping from side to side.

V: Stop shooting!

The bullets stop.

V: Thankyou.

Disease: What are you playing at? Why stop shooting?!

V: This is a man, like you or I.

Dante stands and walks towards them.

The Return: A man? Didn't you see the way he was moving.

Angra: Fuck man...we need a guy like you.

V: If I am not mistaken, you are Dante, captain of this space station.

Dante: You aren't mistaken. Who are you?

V: Call me V. I'm a mercenary. I came here to stay with my girlfriend a while. That was before it happened.

Angra: A what exactly is it? You didn't explain back then.

Dante: We don't know exactly how it happened, or why, but this station was taken over by those things.

V: Yes, and it's our job to kill every last one of them.

Bloody Ribcut: What about the other station?

Dante: There's a hole across to it on the next floor up. It's a big jump but you can make it.

The Return: Those fuckers have made it over there too?

Angra: I'll go over and help them.

Bloody Ribcut: Me too.

Doc Faustus: I'm going to stay here.

V: Okay then, Ill stay here with Doc and Captain Dante.

The Return: I'll go and help the others.

They all nod at each other, then the team going to the AM05 run away.

V: Doc, could you just check for any signs of life in all of the rooms?

He salutes then runs into the nearest room.

Dante: So...have you told them?

V: Not yet...they wouldn't be able to understand it. I don't really either.

Dante: I know what you mean. But...did you sense it?

V: What?

Dante: You know what I mean. When it happened. Secundum. You saw. You know.

V: Don't say it. Saying it makes it true. Let's just kill everything here and then our problem will be gone.

Dante: No. That's the point. It won't.

Doc walks out of the room and shakes his head. He goes into the next one. It's very dark, and there's blood all over the walls. He sees a glint of light, like a reflection, and goes to inspect it. As he gets closer, suddenly there is a sound similar to a towel being whipped. A clear slime goes over his mouth. He can't shout out. He tries to fire his gun but just as he pulls the trigger, the slime shoots at his gun. No bullets come out and both his hands are stuck to it. A creature dives from the darkness on to him. It opens it's mouth, ready to sink it's fangs into his face. Then it stops. Motionless above him, he tries to move it. It won't budge. Then the voice that spoke from the light sounds.

Voice: Greeting Doctor Faustus. I have a proposition for you...

The ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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