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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the AM03. Fade into one of the corridors. Dante rips the head off of one of the creatures, then he and Hammerfan continue running. The walls are a dank metal colour, and the only light comes from torches that the two of them are carrying. They reach a large hole in the ship, looking out to the AM05. The gap is about two yards wide.

Hammerfan: Okay, we're here. Now what?

Dante: We jump.

Hammerfan: Are you kidding me?

Dante: Do you have a better suggestion?

Hammerfan: What about maybe...I don't know!

Dante: Well then, we jump.

Hammerfan: But if we go out there. Well. It's a vacuum.

Dante: So we jump fast.

Hammerfan: Wait a sec.

She goes over to the floor and picks up a smashed light bulb, then throws it out of the hole. As soon as it leaves the station, it flies to the side at breakneck speed.

Hammerfan: You first.

Dante: No. I need to throw you. You might not make it across on your own.

Hammerfan: I might not make it across with you. Hell, what if I don't make it across, then what?

Dante: Trust me.

Hammerfan: Trust you? How the fuck am I meant to trust you? You sleep for days after seeing a bright light, come back and you're some kind of superman. You couldn't save Ferret and what the fuck is Secundum?!

Dante: Secundum means next. It's...I'll explain when we get to the AM03. We're not safe here.

Hammerfan: Okay...but you'd better explain this all to me.

Dante: I will. Now get ready. Stand on the edge there. Now I'm gonna slip my hands under your feet and then when you say go, you jump and I'll throw you at the same time.

He gets his hands under her feet.


He throws her forward. She launches out and flies into the hole, rolling as she lands. She turns around and looks across at Dante. She beckons for him to come over.

Hammerfan: COME ON!

He can't hear her through the space, but shakes his head nevertheless.

Hammerfan: What? Come on!

Dante smiles at her, salutes, then turns around and runs away.

Hammerfan: DANTE!

He's turns a corner and is gone. Fade to Massacre Man and Newb running. They stop and rest for a while.

Massacre Man: Shit...when I...joined this thing...I thought there wouldn't be this...much running.

Newb: You said it. What now?

Massacre Man: I think we've lost them.

He pulls something about the size of a phone out of his pocket, then presses a button. It projects an image onto the wall. It's a 3D map of the station. There are two blue dots close together.

Massacre Man: That's us.

Newb: Where's everybody else?

Massacre Man: It won't say. Very few people on the ship have one of these, and those that do...well, they won't be needing them anymore.

Newb nods.

Newb: So where now?

Massacre Man fiddles with it so it's pinpointed on a small room, low down.

Newb: What's that?

Massacre Man: According to this, it's the emergency reboot. If we get down there, we can manually start up the communications and scanning functions of the ship. We should be able to get a message out, and find any people left.

Newb: There were at least 500 people on this ship, where the hell are they all?

Massacre Man: That's what we should be able to find out.

Newb: So how far is it?

Massacre Man: It's a trek. We have to go down four stairways in three different locations on the ship, travel several corridors and along a pretty small tube.

Newb: Shit. You serious?

Massacre Man: Fuck yeh.

Newb: What about those things?

Massacre Man: They can come if they like.

Newb: Heh, you're kinda funny. But seriously, what should we do?

Massacre Man: Well, we're not any safer just standing here.

Newb: Fuck it, let's go!

Fade to a shot of Roshiq, crawling around in the small space. He stops suddenly and turns around. Nothing there. There's a noise in front of him. Nothing there. Everything's dark, with only a light shining from his eyes. Suddenly, the ground benath him falls and he crashes down onto a creature. He stands up and looks around him. There are at least a dozen of them.

Roshiq: It's been a while since I fought, I hope I haven't got...rusty.

He rips away his trousers to reveal two legs made entirely of metal. Out of the side of his legs several gun type things slot out, giving him a spider like appearance. There are at least ten guns unfolded from his legs. The creatures begin to charge at him. He fires his guns. Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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