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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the front door of Monalisa's shop, with the large hole. Fade into it.

Roshiq: I simply don't understand, I can't pick up any detection of the ship. I should have detected them ten minutes ago.

Monalisa: Maybe the crash damaged you somehow.

Roshiq: No...all systems of mine are on full power.

Monalisa: Well give them some more time.

Roshiq: We're going to have to.

He mumbles to himself.

Monalisa: What is it?

Roshiq: Nothing...just that the ship is reporting more and more damage being done to it every minute.

Monalisa: What could be causing that?

Roshiq: I don't know...but it appears to be some kind of life form. The damage is done in small amounts, and progressively. Like it's moving.

Monalisa: You mean...enemy?

She picks up a gun and looks hopeful.

Roshiq: Possibly.

Someone suddenly jumps through the hole. It's a woman. She's wearing grey overalls and her black hair is cut short. She looks out of breath.

Papillon Noir: Oh shit...

Roshiq and Monalisa are both pointing guns at her. Fade to darkness. A flame appears in the black. It's a lighter, Bloody Ribcut is holding it.

Bloody Ribcut: Everyone okay?

The other four all answer.

Bloody Ribcut: Good.

Disease: Good? FUCKING GOOD? We've crashed in something and there are all kinds of crazy noises coming from the outside!

Angra: No...not anymore. Listen. They've stopped.

Doc Faustus: I think we're inside the AM03.

The Return: And I don't think they're happy to see us.

Angra: Just give me a gun and I'll point and shoot. No asshole can keep out of the way of my barrel.

Bloody Ribcut: Wait, I think I can hear som-

A loud bang echoes around the small ship. It continues.

Disease: Everyone grab your weapons.

The Return: Check.

All of them are holding guns, pointing at the source of the banging.

Bloody Ribcut:!

The all fire. Sparks fly and a hole is opened up in the wall. There is nothing there.

Doc Faustus: Fuck. Everyone get ready for a fire fight!

Something pokes it's head around the corner. It's a man, and he's smiling. Suddenly all the other men start laughing.

Angra: V!

Cut back to Monalisa's shop.

Monalisa: SIT DOWN!

Papillon Noir: Yes...okay. Whatever you say.

Monalisa: Roshiq. Have you got her files yet?

Roshiq: Accessing them now. Prisoner Number 177. Sentenced to fifteen years for thirty two counts of burglary on five different stations.

Monalisa: How did you get out?

Papillon Noir: I don't know. The door just...opened.

Roshiq: It didn't do it by magic. A virus, a very strong one at that, was put into the door. About three minutes before impact.

Papillon Noir: So I have connections on the outside. No big deal.

Roshiq: If I were still working for the Enforcement you'd be dead where you stand.

Papillon Noir: Listen, something big has obviously happened. I just want to survive, like you do. All I want is a weapon.

Monalisa: You will get no such thing from us. Jog on.

Papillon Noir: I have the chips for it.

She takes a bundle of silver, thin coins from her pocket. Monalisa's eyes gleam.

Roshiq: Mona. I would strongly advise you not to arm her. She is a criminal.

Papillon Noir: I never hurt anybody! Check. I just stole things.

Monalisa: True...okay. Take this.

Monalisa opens a draw and pulls out a small, pistol sized gun.

Papillon Noir: Is this it? For seven hundred chips!

Monalisa: Given the current circumstances prices have soared. Take it or leave it.

Papillon glares at her but hands over the money.

Papillon Noir: Thanks...

She jumps out of the hole and starts running. She turns a few corners and goes up a flight of stares. Some people rushing out of a door smash into her. They're Newb's girls. Newb runs out.

Newb: It was just a suggestion! The goat was optional! Ah, hell!

He sees Papillon Noir and glares.

Newb: You're that bitch that stole from me!

Before she can answer, there are sounds from the ceiling. Movement. The body of one of the creatures falls through, followed by Massacre Man.

Massacre Man: FUCK YEH!

He spits on the body. Then sees the other two.

Massacre Man: RUN!

Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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