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Opening credits roll. Cut to a shot of the two crashed stations. The camera zooms in on the rear part of Massacre Man's ship, the AM05. It shoots through a window, into a large room with metal workbenches littered with guns. A man with is banging on the closed door. A red light is glowing above it. Another woman is sitting on a chair, looking at the workbenches. In the corner is a man, except his fingers end with sharp metal claws, sticking through the skin. He's missing an eye, with a camera lens crudely put in there. Most of his hair is gone, and bits of rusty metal are visible under bits of torn skin. He and the woman smile at each other. The man at the door turns and speaks.

Man: Don't just stand there! We've hit something! We've gone to lockdown! This could last days! Monalisa!

Monalisa: What do you suggest?

Man: I don't know!

The robot man speaks.

Roshiq: Where are we?

Man: What do you mean?

Monalisa rolls her eyes, stands up and picks up a gun. She sticks her hand into the back of it, wearing it like a huge glove. Suddenly, the huge circular end starts glowing red and it's whirring. The man dives out of the way just as it shoots. Ten small red balls shoot out into the metal door. A larger, black sphere shoots out in the middle out them. The red spheres all shoot out bolts of electricity into the black sphere. Suddenly, the circle of metal they were covering blasts backwards, creating a huge hole.

Roshiq: Excellent shot.

Monalisa: Looks better on living targets...

Man: You almost killed me! Are you insane?

Monalisa: Possibly. Call me another name and we'll find out.

The man looks at her, then jumps out of the hole and runs along the carpeted corridor.

Monalisa: Fucking pussies clogging up my shop.

Roshiq: my day all people over 16 were trained in armed combat. But that was when there were real threats...

Monalisa: Tell me about it. God would I have loved been there for the Orbit War.

Roshiq: There was very little actual fighting remember.

Monalisa: Still...the only people that come in here anymore are mercenaries and collectors, and neither of them actually use them! If only we discovered some martians or something. If only there were something to actually shoot. I feel I'm making these for nothing.

Roshiq: You're making a good profit. They cost very little to make and you only have one bit of competition, from CH02.

Monalisa: True. And all of the stations pay me when they feel they aren't defended enough...But anyway, have you found out what the lockdown is about yet?

Roshiq:'s very odd. The computers on the front part of the ship are nearly all down. But judging from the impact and the short amount of Vidfootage I've found, we hit another station.

Monalisa: Really? I thought that was nearly impossible.

Roshiq: Yes...0.0000021378 percent chance to be precise. Unless one of the stations intended to crash.

Monalisa: Like a station wanting a war?

She sounds hopeful.

Roshiq: I don't think so...something is strange however. The pressure not changed, as it should have done with great holes in the ship...

Monalisa: What should we do?

Roshiq: If you remember, the mercenaries from AM07 should get here soon, ready for their exploration of Earth's Arctic.

Monalisa: How long 'til they arrive?

Roshiq: They are scheduled to be in Docking Bay Alpha in two hours and fifty three minutes, after a trip to AM03. It is likely that is the station we crashed into. They should have seen the mess and have hopefully requested help.

Cut to a shot of a small ship. The front is roughly the size of a bus. The rear is about twice that size and is made up of two jets and other equipment for movement. Fade to a shot of the inside. It is very dull. The floor and walls are pieces of dirty, rusted metal. There are several metal benches and a table. A small fridge, a kitchen worktop and a sink are in the corner. There is a set of stairs leading down at the front. Three people are sitting around the table. A fourth is at the sink, pouring water into a bowl of red powder. One of the men speaks.

Bloody Ribcut: So there I am, stark naked, surrounded by a group of Asian kids, and then one of them said-

Another man at the table cuts in.

Disease: I think I'll have the rice instead!

All three of them start laughing.

Angra: No matter how many times, that one never gets old!

The man who was at the sink sits down with a bowl of red sludge. He starts eating.

The Return: You guys want any?

Disease: Fuck no! That powdered protein stuff tastes like shit!

Angra: Ha! And it's probably the only food that isn't made from recycled shit!

Disease: I'm gonna go and check on Doc. He's been flying for seventeen hours now. Also I wanna know how long until we pick up V.

Disease stands up and walks down the stairs. The lower deck is even uglier than the one above. The walls are made of rustier metal and have pipes and wires running up and down them. The floor is made up of dirty rusty metal with small handles all over it, leading to the tiny beds underneath. There are benches along either side of it, each with small cabinets underneath for storage of equipment. At the front are two chairs and a large control panel. A man is sitting in one of the chairs, pressing buttons. Disease walks over.

Disease: Yo, Doc. You need any help?

Doc Faustus: Yeh, sure. I think the radar's broken.

Disease: Really? Why?

Doc Faustus: Take a look at this.

He presses a button and a green computer screen drops down in front of Disease. It's a similar image to the one that Ferretchucker was looking at on the AM03. There are two dots, one labeled AM05 and one AM03. They are near enough on top of each other.

Doc Faustus: It happened about a quarter of an hour ago.

Disease: Have you checked out the front?

Doc Faustus: Not yet. I was going to but then something weird started flicking up. It was a patch of green and purple. I didn't want to risk it.

Disease: Surely if they'd crashed then we'd have received a distress call. Did you save an image of the anomaly?

Doc Faustus: I tried but the radar went off. When it came back, the thing was gone.

Disease: Hmmm. Send a message to the nearest station. I think it's the CA1. Request backup.

Doc Faustus: That's what I was about to do when you came in.

He presses a few buttons. Nothing happens.

Disease: Why isn't it doing anything?

Doc Faustus: It should have done...

The ship suddenly jolts.

Doc Faustus: Booster jets are on.

Both Disease and Doc start frantically pulling levers, pressing buttons and twisting dials.

Disease: We're going in! We're gonna hit the AM03!

He shouts up to the top deck.


Doc and Disease pull down restrainers to hold them in the chairs. The three men from the top deck run down.

Doc Faustus: Six seconds to impact!

The men all sit down and try to strap themselves in. There is a huge crashing noise and the red lights turn off. Eventually, they stop. There are sounds of crawling from the outside. Then laughter. A voice then shouts from the outside.


Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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