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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of a space station. This one looks newer than the previous one, and much cleaner. Fade to an inside shot. It's a restaurant full of people. Around one of the tables is a man and a woman.

Gorephobia: It was so good to hear from you again.

Chronogrl: Well, as I said, I was packing up my stuff ready to move and I saw your number. Had to give you a call!

Gorephobia: God, it's been a long time. Too long. So, what's gone on in your life?

Chronogrl: Quite a lot has changed. Obviously, as you know, I moved to AM02. It's not as nice as this station but they're working on it. I've been working here on AM05 for about three months now as an electrician.

Gorephobia: Really? Why haven't I seen you around?

Chronogrl: You've obviously been looking after your electricals!

Gorephobia: Yeh...

She leans over and starts speaking in a loud whisper.

Chronogrl: Okay Gore, let's cut the crap, I wanted to talk to you for a reason.

Gorephobia: Listen-

Chronogrl: No, you listen. You were a jerk. Why the fuck didn't you come back?

Gorephobia: I was scared, okay! Those guys were hench as hell!

Chronogrl: I said to you, come back in ten minutes with an excuse for me to leave!

Gorephobia: I'm sorry, okay.

Chronogrl: I was lucky to get away from them. After one hour of intimidation and losing everything I had...everything, I was just lucky that the Roshiq turned up.

Gorephobia: I know...I heard.

Chronogrl: But you didn't hear it all...

Gorephobia: What?

Chronogrl: The five of them could have easily got away from the Roshiq. But they didn't because they were scared.

Gorephobia: Scared of what? You?

She leans closer and whispers into his ear.

Chronogrl: I've seen something that could rip the very soul from your body. Tear away every ounce of life you have in one swoop.

Gorephobia: What are you talki-

Chronogrl: It's back...I can feel it.

Gorephobia: What's back?

Chronogrl: Secundum.

Cut to a shot of a purple wall. Music is playing and the sounds of giggling can be heard. The camera moves down to show a man in a bed with five girls, each about thirty years younger than him.

Newb: An so I says to him, I says; That's no python...that's my penis!

All of the girls laugh.

Newb: Yes, life is good.

One of the girls speaks.

Girl: Tell us another Mr. Sexenheimer!

Newb: You know the rules!

They all laugh and each of the women unhook their bras.

Newb: Next joke and they're coming right off!

They all laugh again. Cut to a shot of the control room of Dante's ship, AM03. Hammerfan and Ferretchucker are both laying on some tattered old chairs. They're both asleep. There are chairs and a water dispenser up and the door, barricading it. The window shields are back down. Suddenly, a large bang sounds. Something has hit the door. Hammerfan jolts awake. She nudges Ferretchucker awake.

Hammerfan: Ferret! Their back.

Ferretchucker: Huh? GET AWAY FR-

Hammerfan: Ferret! It's me!

Ferretchucker: Hammer! Oh god...I...I thought you were-

Hammerfan: Not yet!

The bang sounds again.

Ferretchucker: Have you checked outside?

Hammerfan: What? I'm not lifting those window shields for anything!

The bang sounds again. The door seems to be starting to give way.

Hammerfan: The 23rd century and they can't put sliding doors on a fucking space station!

Ferretchucker: How's the captain?

Hammerfan: I haven't checked...

She gets up and walks across the room. She looks under a control panel, and Dante is under there, unconscious.

Hammerfan: Still out.

The bang sounds again, much louder. Then another. Scratching as well.

Ferretchucker: There's more of them!

He curls up into the fetal position.

Ferretchucker: I don't want to die! Please do-

Hammerfan: For fucks sake! Stay strong! They haven't even nearly got through yet!

With that, suddenly a dirty yellowish spike shoots through the metal of the door, then retracts.

Hammerfan: Oh damn it all!

Cut to a shot of the other space station's control room. Fade in. There are several people around the room, most of computers. Out the window if front of them they can see the other space station, drifting towards theirs. A man dressed in similar clothes to Dante speaks.

Massacre Man: Have you got in contact with the AM03 yet?!

A man a computer speaks.

Man: All of their systems are offline sir! Still.

Massacre Man: We've tried Savior Pods, we've tried a Statbeam, we've even tried fucking morse code! WHY THE FUCK ISN'T ANYTHING WORKING!?

Man: Two hours to impact sir.

Massacre Man: Emergency Protocol 48, turn us around! NOW!

Some people fiddle with dials and buttons.

Man: The front boosters are down! So are the the right!

Massacre Man: There's no other way than towards them! SHIT! DO SOMETHING!

[I]The room jolts.[ /I]

Man: Rear boosters have been...turn on sir. Who did that?

The room looks around, confused. They immediately start playing with buttons again.

Man: They're working on their own sir...we have no control. We're heading right for them.

A woman speaks up.

Woman: Now, at this rate, we'll be there in 65 minutes.

Massacre Man: Get someone down there. Manually turn them off!

Man: Yes sir.

Suddenly, the doors slam shut. Someone tries to open them but they won't move.

Massacre Man: What the hell? Oh...oh no.

Man: Radio systems are down sir, I can't call anyone.

Massacre Man: Look...

Out the window, they can see the other space station, moving towards them much faster now. Cut to the AM03.

Hammerfan: Rear boosters are on!

Ferretchucker: It's happening again!

Cut back to the AM06.

Woman: Sir...collision in 5 minutes.

Massacre Man: Any way to stop it?

Man: No sir! We've tried everything! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!

Massacre Man: You've all been trained for this.

Woman: SIR!

Massacre Man: There's only one thing for it! The doors are locked and we are going to collide. Everyone, put down the shield and EmPositions 09. NOW! It's your only chance of survival.

Someone presses a button and the metal shields slide down over the windows. Everyone then goes under the desks, holding their arms over their heads.

Massacre Man: Everyone...good job.

Cut to an outer shot of the two stations. They're moving towards each other with great speed. Just moments before they collide, the screen turns black. Ending credits role.

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