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Here goes!

Opening credits role. Cut to a shot of New York. A voice over speaks.

Voice Over: In the year 2010, the human race prepared themselves for the greatest catastrophe in the history of the planet. For decades, a secret war had been going on between many countries. Each one knew how it would end, and they all prepared for it...

Suddenly, the image lights up, and a huge mushroom cloud shoots into the sky, turning it blood red. Cut to a shot of space, with several space stations in sight.

Voice Over: Thirty five space stations were sent up into the air, each one taking three hundred and fifty humans. One space station was for Japan, one for France, eight for China, one for England, one for Germany, one for Australia, eleven for America, two for Canada, seven for Russia and two were to preserve as many animals as possible.

The screen fades to black. Fade back in to the same shot, only the space stations look slightly different. More high tech, but dirtier.

Voice Over: Two hundred and thirty seven years later, in 2247, the human race has continued to survive on their space stations. They now live by recycling. Clothes are made from old clothes, machines are made from old machines and food is made from...old food. Of course, as time went by, people moved stations and each one is now very multi cultural. The German station has a large Japanese community on it.
It is ironically the Chinese ship that has the least amount of people left, at two hundred and three. The Canadian ships have the most with six hundred and one, and six hundred and twenty one. But it was none of these ships that faced the horrors that were to come...oh no. It all started on one of the American stations...

Fade to a shot of a space station. It appears to have been added to over the years giving it an odd appearance, like several toys that have broken and stuck together randomly by a child with glue. Fade to a control room. Only three people are in there, two at computers. A young man is at one computer.

Ferretchucker: Captain, I think you should take a look at this.

A taller, slightly older man walks over. He is wearing clothing that looks like an army uniform. He squints at the screen. It's a black image, with a few orange dots, obviously stars, and a large blue fraction of a circle; Earth. But in between Earth and the ship, is a strange haze, fluctuating between green and purple.

Dante: Hmmm. It doesn't look fact, the computer seems to be drawn to it. Look at the Tantometer, it's nearly off the scale.

Ferretchucker: What could it be? I've never seen anything like it.

Dante: Neither have I...what's the nearest ship?

The woman on the other computer speaks up.

Hammerfan: AM05. I'm trying to get in contact with them now sir.

She taps at a keyboard under the desk.

Hammerfan: What the fu-

The screen in front of her smashes open, sparks flying everywhere. Ferretchucker's does the same thing.

Dante: What's going on here?

Ferretchucker: I don't know! Hammer, pull the EmCord.

She runs over to a handle on the wall with "Emergency" written on it. She pulls on it and it comes out of the wall, on a wire. Cut to a shot of the outside of the space station. A large radar dish turns, and lights round the edges start flashing. Suddenly, the dish starts rusting. Within seconds it's completely orange, and after a few more it breaks off.

Dante: Help should be on the way soon...

Hammerfan: Should we keep the shield down? The sun's behind Earth, so we should be okay.

Dante: I think so, yes. Whatever this thing's dangerous.

Suddenly, without warning, the large metal shields start rising revealing the glass behind them.

Dante: Who's doing that? Ferretchucker?

Ferretchucker: Not me Sir! It's doing it on it's own! I can't stop it. The EmCord was pulled, it should be able to do that!

Dante: What are we going to do?

Hammerfan: I think I can keep up the UV shield!

She begins turning some dials and pressing buttons.

Hammerfan: FERRET! See if you can keep the power from fluctuating using the manual lever!

Ferretchucker runs to a large lever and pulls it to halfway. He begins struggling with it. Suddenly, he screams and lets go.

Dante: WHAT?!

Ferretchucker: It's red hot sir! I need some water! Quick! AHHHHH!

The skin on his hands is red and blistered. The lever he was pulling goes straight forward. Hammerfan jumps back.

Dante: What is it?

Hammerfan: The power! It's too high! If I touched that I'd be burned to a crisp! How is it still working?!

The dials begin moving and buttons pressing of their own accord. The shield is now full up. Nothing can be seen. Earth is there, but where the screen said the light was, there is nothing. Suddenly, the outer layer of glass begins rising.

Dante: SHIT! The Solar shield!

As the shield rises, now a bright light shines through.

Ferretchucker: Not just that sir...every shield on the ship.

Cut to an outer shot of the ship, with a bright white light shining on it. Cut to several shots of people staring in awe at the light. Several people suddenly collapse, including a man who was walking a corridor with a woman. Se begins screaming.

Woman: V! V!

Cut back to the control room. Dante stares at the light.

Hammerfan: Sir, Ferret! Get under the desks!

Ferret and Hammerfan dive down. Dante stares at the light. Cut to a close shot of Dante's eyes. The light is reflecting in them, and what looks like a strand of DNA is revolving in his pupils.

Hammerfan: DANTE!

Dante: Secundum.

Dante falls to the floor, unconscious. Ferret and Hammerfan crawl over to each other.

Ferretchucker: What do we do?!

The lights flicker, than turn off. They're plunged into darkness. Hammerfan's voice sounds.

Hammerfan: We pray...

Cut to an outer shot of the space station, now with no power. The light slowly dims, then fades. The space station is left, floating in the dim light that's left. Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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