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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE (1961). Slow going at first, but then becomes quite compelling. The US/USSR have exploded Nuclear Bombs and it has shifted the Earth's axis and moving it towards the Sun. Only chance to right the wrong is explode a bigger bomb, hoping to save the Earth by going so.
Quite talky, but this really is quite good with a sense of dread permeating. Awesome matte work and good cast with Edward Judd (ISLAND OF TERROR), Janet Munro (SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, THE CRAWLING EYE), Leo McKern (LADYHAWKE) and a very young Michael Caine as a Policeman. ***1/2
Speaking of... have you ever seen Toho's Gorath (1962), directed by Ishirō Honda? The film is a story of mankind's efforts to move Earth out of its orbit to avoid it from colliding with a runaway planet/collapsed star. As I recall it was pretty good, and it has pretty good reviews.

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