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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
The Mummy (1932 film)

A newly discovered mummy comes back to life and tries to reunite with his reincarnated lover.

For the most part this film is a snoozer. It has a fairly fascinating plot, but every aspect of the film is set to a slow, plodding, grey, low frequency whispery pace and tone. Boris Karloff, as Imhotep, is on quaalludes, and nothing else in the film contrasts that.
Once again, Wise Sculpt, You have nailed it! I like this, but it is VERY slow and lethargic and pretty much another version of DRACULA. Still love the scene where Im-Ho-Tep comes to life, the flashback and that wonderful full close up of Boris. Almost heresy to say so, but even the Kharis films are more lively than this one, especially THE MUMMY'S HAND (1940).
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