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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
I must agree with is VERY dark. After reading about this in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #66 in 1970, really wanted to check this out. Like it, but find it uneven and just sort of there, even with the exceptional cast.
My Wife, however, LOVES it and has it on frequently.
I agree with you. I think the film really falls over for a nap when they sit down for dinner. It might have really picked up speed there and come together with some clever plot devices and dialogue, but was not to be. There's some interesting interactions when they have a drink together, hearing about the British fellow's life, but in general there's no notable group dynamic, nor individual characters that excite. It's like you said, uneven, and that certainly goes for the pace and sequence of events.

I think the film has a lot of undeserved retrograde praise, specifically regarding the film as a whole, not it's nifty components, due to it being James Whale and one of the first talkies in a scary old house.

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