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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
The Old Dark House (1932)

Due to a horrible storm some folk must request to stay the night at an old dark house. The residences are odd, but is there also danger afoot?

Some of the darkest film exposures I've ever seen on film. Directed by James Whale (Frankenstein & Freaks). It's certainly an odd film, mixing some 1930's social conventions with what I might call traditional 1970's horror scenes and content, with a very simple plot, mostly a dark comic parody of the setting.
I must agree with is VERY dark. After reading about this in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #66 in 1970, really wanted to check this out. Like it, but find it uneven and just sort of there, even with the exceptional cast.
My Wife, however, LOVES it and has it on frequently.
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