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SONG OF THE SOUTH (1946). Not a Horror film, but it's truly a Horror that Disney is too scared to give this a proper release because of expected screams of "That's Racist!!!"

Had the record of this when little, then saw the movie on a 1972 re-issue and after watching it on DVD the other day, the ONLY thing I can find that MIGHT be offensive is the dialect the Black characters use when speaking, but considering it's a Southern plantation after the Civil War, how would they expected to speak? Never mind that Uncle Remus is the Kindest, Wisest person in the whole film and who wouldn't want to have him in their lives? I certainly would. Am so SICK of how so many people look for hidden meanings and potentially taboo subjects instead of just watching the damn movie.
Exceptional animation by the Disney studios, catchy songs and James Baskett is superb in here as UR, more than deserving the Special Oscar he won for his performance. Sadly He passed on just a few months afterwards. If You get a chance to see this, jump on it. ****1/2
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