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our new arthouse horror movie "The Taking"

Hey horror guys, and you horror girls. I have not forgotten you. I wanted to drop by ye 'ol and share with you our new film. It's called "The Taking" and it is a unique genre mashing of arthouse and horror. I think honestly, that this is a niche that should be explored more often after seeing this. There's a lot of potential to tell some really cool stories. Anyway... This movie deals alot with the occult, and possessions. Also has some elements of the forest in here. Namely the story takes place in a forest. So if you're into trees. This is a keeper for sure.

I've said a lot. I realize. I will stop soon, but I encourage anyone who's interested in an underground atypical horror movie to check out the trailer, and if you feel inclined buy or rent the movie from Amazon. (The reviews on amazon aren't the best, but as I said before. This isn't your typical horror movie experience, so if you're looking for a straightforward narrative structure... maybe this film isn't for you. If you want something more daring. give it a shot)

I hope you all have a terrifying day.
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