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Originally Posted by metternich1815 View Post
But to A Serbian Film, I just wonder if they did it just to be controversial or if there was something they were trying to say. Too often, there are directors that just want to be controversial for its own sake.

I think killing a child is a powerful dramatic tool, as someone else already said. If used properly, it can be quite powerful. It goes to show that anything goes and can happen. And, this is life. Anyone can die at any time. Children are by no means spared.

I have to disagree on Gage. I loved him to death, but that was absolutely brilliant. It's one of the best child deaths in all of cinema. Rarely has the death of a child had more impact than in that death. It is precisely because we love him so much that makes that scene so brilliant in its given context. It is the embodiment of one of our greatest fears. A fear especially profound for parents.
well what i meant is i wish he wasn't killed because he was such a good character and i agree because his death was brilliant and impacting
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