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REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955). Sequel to CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON isn't as good, but worth seeing and You'll have much more pity for the Gillman. Good cast with John Agar, Lori Nelson (not Julie Adams scrumptious, but pretty nice all the same) and a VERY young Clint Eastwood in what I believe is his first film. Also, you'll see Ricou Browning (the Creature under water) playing a scientist taking blood samples.

Watching this again and listening to the good commentary, had quite a bit of Nostalgia...the Black Lagoon sequences (and many other films/TV) were filmed at Silver Springs FL, very close to where my parents live (went there in 1995) and the majority of the action takes place at Marineland FL, very close to St Augustine FL (went there as a boy in 1970 and took my daughter there after Xmas 1997, during an unusually chilly time. ML suffers in comparison to Sea World, but came first and I quite liked it...also loved the cool Mural of The Gillman painted on a wall next to the aquarium). Had also forgotten that the first time I saw this in January 1973, we were living in Norfolk Virginia and due to move to the Panama Canal Zone the next month. During the Creature's rampage, a Newscaster announcers the Creature has been seen " far north as Norfolk Virginia and as far South as Panama!" ***
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