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MAD DOCTOR OF MARKET STREET (1942). Lionel Atwill is really the only saving grace in this....His quick Doctor is on the run and after a shipwreck, finds himself with other survivors on a island with hostile natives. Through a mixture of bluster and bullshit, He saves one of the Natives and is declared "God of Life" and given full largesse until He has to Put up or Shut up.

As mentioned, Lionel is great in here with his lecherous looks, pomposity and some genuinely sympathetic acting towards the end when He has to produce the goods...or else! The rest of the cast will test your patience with Nat Pendleton (as another Lummox) and Una Merkel standing out in their awfulness. Anne Nagel (BLACK FRIDAY, MAN MADE MONSTER) is only in the first few minutes, but her scene hits very close to home in a similar instance with her first husband in real life.
Really, there are better films to watch, so pass on this. *
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