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Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
It was actually a really weird "blackout". In the small town that the movie was set in, in the very opening scene there's some sort of festivity going on and every human and animal goes unconscious at once. Some cars end up crashing causing the drivers to die and one man even falls on top of a burning grill and cooks to death while unconscious.

The United States government tries to find out what is happening to the town but anybody who enters the town during the blackout falls unconscious too. And then once everybody wakes up ten of the towns women become mysteriously pregnant with 5 boys and 5 girls. Since these are obviously unnatural pregnancies the government decides to research the children and provide financial support for their "families". Of course as the children grow up they become dangerous and are responsible for killing a lot of the people in the town with their strange mind powers.

And from what I understand the original movie was based on a book called "The Midwich Cuckoos".

Basically these children are like the cuckoo birds. Cuckoo birds like to lay their eggs in the nests of other birds who unknowingly raise their offspring. These children look human but are obviously not human and the women who became mysteriously pregnant and gave birth to them were more like "hosts" than actual mothers, which explains why the children have no attachment to their own parents.

They're basically like an invasive species planning to take over the human species.
That is pretty wild. Makes me wonder how it ends.

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