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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Woah! You should really write SPOILERS above the last paragraph cause you reveal the ending (I think).

I hate to say it, but I've never seen either film.

I guess the concept never grabbed me enough. I just remember the Carpenter version getting lukewarm reviews. What'd you think? Good film?
Sorry I apologize. :( I fixed it now.

Personally I liked it. It wasn't the best of John Carpenter's movies but I found the whole concept of it interesting. I mean you had these mysterious children born in colonies out of human mothers who became pregnant after unexplained blackouts all over the world and the governments wanted to study the strange phenomenon. However the children became quite dangerous. They were very unemotional and felt no empathy or compassion and they were all super intelligent and could read minds, but the scariest thing about them was that if they ever felt threatened (even if it was a completely unintentional accident) their eyes would start glowing and they would make the person kill themselves in a very violent manner.

And the movie never really explained what they were. Were they an alien invasion? Some sort of evolutionary mutation of the human species? Or maybe a secret government experiment?
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