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Originally Posted by wizard of gore View Post
yeah some of his characters are good,most are shit ,but this book plain fuckin bores three quaters through the book now and the action has stopped again and gone back to trying too hard to be mysterious and have a lot of suspense .and long convos on stuff thats spose to help me put the plot together but just bores the shit out of me.i rearly do this but i might have close this book and start a Joe R lansdale.
dont get me wrong im not just into strait splatter punk,i do like suspense and all that but it at least has to be kinda interesting,same with the characters
Man I love Straub dude, I get it though, he can be a bit dry in places. I haven't read a book by him that has bored me enough to quit reading him yet though. I haven't read The Hellfire Club, so I suppose it may not be as good, every writer has a few of those.

I love me some splatterpunk too wiz, Lansdale, Skipp & Spector, McCammon, Schow, Laymon, etc. It wasn't until about six years ago that I had even heard of the splatterpunks. I grew up reading King, Straub, Koontz, Campbell, Lovecraft, and the likes. Splatterpunk has opened me up to other writers, some old, some new, and I don't feel that the level of violence detracts from the exceptional writing these authors are putting to page. Many of them have just as much prose and poetry to it that the King's and the Bradbury's do.

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