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I have come to the conclusion that the Gold fiery Dragon I saw was my spirit animal. While doing some research, I found this...

The Dragon is cloaked with mystique and sewn together by the many legends and folklore surrounding its history. This powerful and mesmerizing creature has been the inspiration for countless books, poems, art, movies and other expressive mediums. The Dragon has been well respected in many cultures and is either honored or greatly feared.

The Dragon is one of the most powerful totems. Dragon has a diverse range of qualities, emotions and traits giving it a number of different meanings. Most often it carries a reminder of strength, courage and fortitude. Dragons are messengers of balance and magic. If dragon has arrived in your life, it asks that you tap into your psychic nature and allow yourself to view the world through the eyes of wonder and mystery.

I hope to take another Spirit Journey soon. I see what it's doing. Each profound psychedelic trip I take, I have went a little deeper each time. With the mushrooms I finally pierced through and now that there is a open path, I'm ready to jump in headfirst.
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