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Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
Is being single a really tough phase to live with forever?
Sure, i got the skills of making people attract towards me and trust me, it is even easy for me to make them walk away from me as well.
am arrogant, and darn straight when it comes to expressing myself about what i feel about them as a person.
i am good in figuring people out deep core inside, just by spending few moments with them, and once i tell them their dirty secrets, all hell breaks loose and am the bad guy in that case.
So honestly, screw people and their illusions about me, try being single if you want.
a day or year, you might be sober, but once you enjoy that phase, there is no going back.
Assure you that.
It'll be fun hunting you down, just like you suggested I do!

And you seem to think that you have everybody around you easily figured out. Well I've got big news for you ya conceded narcissistic douchebag. Are you ready for this? Dun! Dun! Dun! DON'T!

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