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Evil Dead Cabin Vacation Rental?

Hello to all!

I was recently vacationing with my family and I stumbled across an old cabin for sale by owner surrounded by thousands of acres of mountains and woods. I called the number and the owner agreed to meet me at the cabin so I could take a look at it.

When I pulled down the old gated dirt driveway I was shocked to see a cabin that looked almost identical to the cabin from The Evil Dead. Now maybe I'm a little biased because of my affinity for horror movies, but that was all I could think about as we took a look at it. It's a neat log cabin nonetheless, a woodstove/fireplace, 3 beds/bedrooms, electric, no running water, outhouse, etc. Unfortunately no old book or tape recorder.

I am very interested in purchasing this cabin for personal use for my family and I, but I am not sure whether it would be worth it to own a cabin that I would really only make use of 15-20 times a year. Then I had the thought of renting it out on weekends/weeks throughout the spring/summer/fall. But I don't really like the idea of being the manager of a rental vacation property for total strangers either. But from my experience with fellow horror movie people, they don't feel like total strangers.

My question is this; would a Evil Dead Cabin vacation rental be something that would interest anyone here? I would prepare the cabin in the most Evil Dead manner I could, get a Necronomicon and an old tape recorder with pre-recorded incantations, decorate the cabin as closely to the movie as possible, come up with additional awesome things to help fit the mood too (fog machine, outdoor speakers, I don't know). It would be part haunted attraction (kinda) part actual vacation cabin. From a traditional vacation standpoint, the cabin is 300 yards away from a State Park with a huge recreational lake (swiming, boating, fishing) and tons of hiking trails, and its a real beautiful location. PLUS it is almost completely cut-off, no internet, no cell phone service, no phone lines. This would be a mid-atlantic/east coast cabin.

I'm not looking for bookings or anything I am trying to gauge interest in something like this.

Any feedback would be appreciated!
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