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Yeah that whole scene was confusing. I mean he loved his father and brother in a sense that they were his blood and of house tarly, but think the biggest part of it was shocked about hearing of his father and then assuming his brother was the head of the family and then finding out he was dead, also I'm sure it hit him that he is now the head of house tarly. I do agree though about bran, it was strange that he wanted Sam to do it. He knows Jon trust Sam though and would probably find it easier coming from him then Bran who no longer even Associates himself as his brother. I don't know, but I just felt like Sam sucked it up and got over it all pretty quickly to go from one hammering issue he knew nothing about 2 revealing to John who he really is. I think eventually though Daenerys is going to piss off too many people in Winterfell and that's going to cause a big problem. At the same time though, I don't know if it's just an Improvement in her acting skills or what, but Emilia Clarke seems to be a lot more three dimensional this time around with her characters than she has in previous Seasons, unless that's just their way of illustrating that she is in love and she can actually smile like that when she is in the right mindset. I don't know, I just hope nothing bad happens to Arya. She is my lady of Winterfell.

Also, yeah I know it's because of their age, but time has passed on the show oh, I'm not sure how much time, but enough for Jamie to have grown a full beard and groomed it and Sansa seems to know a whole lot more about her position then she did at the end of season 7. With that said, I still think there could be a hope for her and Tyrion. What she said to him came as quite a surprise to me.
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