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Originally Posted by Morningriser View Post
I think it's going to be quite the opposite of what we think it's going to be. I mean if Jamie didn't push him off that Tower he would have never realized his powers. Besides, I don't think the three-eyed Raven has any desire to fight anyone besides the night King.

After giving it some time to sink in the only thing that felt a bit off was Sam's reaction. At first it seemed normal but then when he immediately went and talk to Bran and then to Jon by Bran's request, just seemed to be played a bit weird on his part considering the news he had just received, but who knows what's going through his mind considering he hated his father and brother to begin with.
I thought both scenes were a bit odd. Some loved his acting when hearing his father, then brother died. Weighty scene. And then I found it a bit odd Bran would ask Sam to tell him... being no one really talks to Bran anymore, as he's not quite himself. Although Arya Stark is herself again, after being 'a girl' for so long. But it's a great layering to have Sam lose his father and brother to Dany, confront Jon about it, and then tell him he's the king heir to the throne and a Targaryen.

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