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Thumbs up Attack From Space

This one is a Japanese drive in cult classic about their super hero called Starman, in the old fashioned black and white format with most scenes taking place out in outer space. It has overall cool looking picture quality wiht good classic appeal, along with an interesting story about greedy people from a different planet coming to make the people of Earth their next victims, only to have Starman, the super hero from outer space, coming to the rescue. After they kidnap a lot of people from Earth, and take them to their main space station to enslave them, also thinking they had killed off Starman with their missiles, a few of the kids do not get brainwashed, and come up with some decent well thought out plans of their own at stopping these aliens and escaping from that station, and those aliens do not know for sure if they have actually eliminated Starman or not. There is plenty of great action and suspense throughout the whole film, along with overall well developed characters. The Starman action is also overall cool looking for standards back then. It is definitely not the Marvel Justice League universe of today by any stretch of the imagination, but those who enjoy the old black and white space movies should enjoy this one as well.
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