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Part 8

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the woods. The sun is barely visible now as it sets. There can only be around ten minutes of sunlight left. The camera zooms down through the trees to a crowd of people. They're all looking at one woman. She's quite young, with blonde hair tied in a pony tail, and a black t-shirt with jeans. This is Novakru She has a small clipboard.

Novakru: The rules of the game are as follows. You have until eleven o'clock to survive. You must stay in the area marked out by the yellow tape. It covers three square miles. There are three creatures out there trying to kill you. Each of you have on three of these...

She holds up a small red ribbon.

Novakru: The creatures, which are a witch, a vampire and a zombie will be trying to take them off you. There are plenty of trees for them to hide in, so keep an eye out. As I said, you must survive until eleven o'clock at which point you will return here. The person or persons with the most lives remaining win the prize money.

Somebody puts their hand up. It's a young man wearing a tightly done up duffle coat. He has thick rimmed glasses on and a woolly hat. This is Posher.

Novakru: Yes, the kid with no fashion sense.

He glares at her for a moment, then speaks.

Posher: Can we steal other people's lives?

Novakru: Ah, good question. No you cannot. On top of the creatures hunting you, there will be several "imps" roaming around. They will watch for cheating.

Posher: Can we sabotage the other people in any way?

Novakru:, how do you mean?

Posher: Like...could I go up behind somebody and bash their leg in with a branch so they can't come back to the start line?

Novakru: I'm sorry, are you serious?

He nods innocently, as though he doesn't see anything wrong with what he just said.

Novakru: Lets say, erm, NO! Jesus, any other questions?

The group of around ten people shake their heads. She beams at them and looks at her watch.

Novakru: In that case, you have until the sun has set to get used to the area. At that point, the creatures will be released. Go!

The people run through the two posts which signify the entrance and begin fanning out. Novakru turns and pulls out her phone. She goes down the contacts until she reaches the name "Ferretchucker". The phone rings, and then his answer phone message plays.

Ferretchuker: Leave a message! Or don't. It's up to you. I'd really like it if you did, but I don't want to pressure you or anything...

The pointless ranting continues. She sighs.

Novakru: Gonna kill that ki-

The beep.

Novakru: Hey, boy! Just phoning to find out if your coming to my little thing up here. It'd mean a lot to me if you did! Seriously, after forty two hours of labor, you owe me. Okay, ciao!

She hangs up the phone and turns around, back to the playing area. The sun has just about set. She pull out a walkie talkie.

Novakru: Okay, stubborn, I think you guys can just about enter, over.

No reply.

Novakru: Stubbs, hey, you gonna pick up?

Still no reply. She sighs.

Novakru: Imps. I repeat, Imps, do you copy?

No reply.

Novakru: Is anybody at all there?

She waits anxiously, but still nothing. She speaks into the walkie talkie one more time.

Novakru: Maybe it's where I am. I'm gonna move into the area.

She puts the talkie back into her pocket and moves into the playing field. The sun has completely set now, so she takes out a small torch and shines it around. She speaks into the air.

Novakru: No need to worry, just me. Keep playing.

She talks quietly to herself.

Novakru: she's drunk agai-

A scream rings out from the distance.

Novakru: Finally!

She starts to walk back towards the entrance, but then another scream rings out. It's shrill and full of terror.

Novakru: She really knows how to put on a show, heh.

Another screams comes, then another. Novakru talks into the talkie again.

Novakru: Okay, get the kids to shut up now. The police said they don't want too much noise.

A voice screams out from the distance.


She looks around suspiciously, then talks back into the talkie.

Novakru: Anybody else hearing that?

Still no reply.

Novakru: Just go and sort it out myself then. Fucking hell...

She walks in the direction of the screams, torch shining forward.

Novakru: If this is just some kid over reacting I'm gonna be pretty pissed off!

She starts to push through a large bush, then something grabs her arm. She jumps, and looks down. It's Posher.

Novakru: What the-

He puts his finger to his lips urgently, telling her to be quiet. She stands for a moment, then bends down.

Novakru: What the hell is this about. Why- oh my...are you crying? What's wrong?

He speaks in a whisper.

Posher: It came out of the darkness...I was watching them...they were in a big group and I was gonna jump out on them?

Novakru: Who?

Posher: The other people in the game...then this guy, or thing road out of the darkness...he came from nowhere. On a horse...

Posher puts his head down and whimpers. He's shaking uncontrollably.

Novakru:'re really scared, aren't you? What did this man do?

He looks up to her, then turns to his left. He points to something on the ground around ten feet away. She waits for a moment, then begins to creep towards it. Posher whimpers again. As she gets closer, her eyes widen as she starts to see what it is.

Novakru: No...

Posher: He did all of them.

She shines the torch on the object. It's a human head, the head of a young girl who had been in the crowd at the beginning. She squeaks in fear, then lets out a short scream before quickly recovering herself. Suddenly, from her right, fast heavy footsteps sound. Out of the darkness, a man in silver and black armor rides a horse towards her. He holds a large glinting blade. He face is obscured by a spiked, silver and slightly crudely made helmet. This is V. His voice sounds, although it sounds like a distant echo.

V: Got you now!

Posher: RUN!

Novakru doesn't need telling twice. She runs up to Posher, and then alongside him. V laughs maniacally as his horse draws closer and closer to the pair. Posher glances behind, and seeing that V is getting closer, pushes Novakru backwards in an attempt to save himself. She instead falls over flat on the floor. The horse rides on past her, following Posher.

Posher: Take her! PLEASE!

V: Coward scum! This will be fun...

V pulls a dagger from his side and throws it. The blade sticks into Posher's shoulder. Just as he begins to fall, the horse rides past him and V swings his sword. Novakru watches in terror as the boy's head flies high into the air and with barely any effort, V sticks out his sword, spiking the head on the end of it. The horse stands on it's hind legs, then turns, facing back towards Novakru.

V: Who's next?

Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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