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Part 2

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of a car pulling into a driveway. Classical music is playing loud, violins pound out of the stereo. A woman wearing a deep red business suit steps out of the car. She looks to be around fifty. She looks around, sniffs the air and smiles. This is Hammerfan.

Hammerfan: This is going to be a good year...

She walks to the door of the bungalow she has arrived at. The door is unpainted with no windows. It looks quite cheap. She rings the bell. Cut to the inside of the house. No lights are on the the windows are blanked out by thick grey curtains. The television is on. Cut to a shot of the television...

Doc Faustus: This is your Mad Doc, telling you pricks to stay tuned! Fifty viewers have changed channels in the last ten minutes. And up next we will receive a visit from the writer and star of the new play opening tonight! It's the story of a man who brings forth the ghosts of this towns infamous Tuesday Massacres. Please welcome, The Re...

The television is turned off. An old man, no younger than seventy gets to his feet. He wears dark glasses and a black night gown. He picks up a stick from beside the chair and makes towards the front door. He puts on some gloves beside the door and opens the latched door. He keeps out of the light.

Roshiq: Who's there?

Hammerfan: Rosh. It's me, Hammer. Let me in!

He unlatches the door and lets her in. She pushes past him and makes haste towards the kitchen. He stands at the door, surprised.

Hammerfan: Lose the stick. Nobody's buying it.

He sighs and opens his mouth. No sound can be heard. He then walks toward the kitchen. Hammerfan rubs her finger in her ear.

Hammerfan: You bastard. I can hear that!

Roshiq: Sorry, although it's that or the stick.

Hammerfan: You've lived in this house for sixty years and in the time I've known you it hasn't changed once. Is your memory really that bad?

Roshiq: Maybe if you'd been a bit more careful I wouldn't have to remember!

Hammerfan: You're not still sour about that are you? I suffered too!

Roshiq: Your spine grew back. My eyes won't.

Hammerfan: It's a gift.

Roshiq: You hounds are all the same. Smug and full of yourselves. No class or respect.

She pours herself a glass of wine and leans back against the kitchen top. She studies him for a moment.

Hammerfan: Should we just cut the crap? You know why I'm here.

Roshiq: The answer is no.

Hammerfan: Maybe if you showed yourself you'd get some of that respect you desperately want.

Roshiq: The answer is no.

Hammerfan: [Sigh] Change the record.

Roshiq: I switched to CDs years ago.

Hammerfan: And I'm smug?

She rolls her eyes.

Hammerfan: Anyway, come on. The guys are desperate to see you. It's been...

Roshiq: Ten years. You didn't take the hint.

Hammerfan: I'm just letting you know the offer's still there.

Roshiq: How old is Molly now?

Hammerfan: Nineteen. Started at university last month. But don't change the subject. We want you there. The turn out was abysmal last year. We only got, what...three fights! Had to resort to our old tricks.

Roshiq: Oh really, that's pathetic. That isn't sport, there's only ever gonna be one winner! Trick or Treaters can never defend themselves properly.

Hammerfan: Year after year I promise bloodshed. It needs to be done!

Roshiq: You've got my answer. Could you please leave

Hammerfan: What happened to you? We used to have a laugh.

Roshiq: As I recall, it wasn't me that it happened to...

He opens his mouth once more and Hammerfan flinches. He guides her towards the door. She opens it fully. The rays his his skin and he steps calmly to the side.

Hammerfan: By the way...CD's are outdated. It's all MP3 now.

She closes the door. He shakes his head and turns around. He puts his hand up to a picture on the wall, and moves his hand over it. He walks back to the chair and puts on the television again...

The Return: So I'm really trying to show it from their view. Make the audience think...maybe the nuns deserved it.

The camera moves to the painting. It's of a beautiful woman, smiling slightly. There are small, milky teeth protruding ever so slightly. They're fangs.

Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...

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