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Originally Posted by Shazbut View Post
I remember quite a few years ago I happened to catch a short on tv, late at night.

It was called "Drip" (IIRC) and was about a women coming to a new house for the first time (her husband was going to arrive later). She settles down for bed with the pet dog but is affected by a constant dripping sound in the bathroom.

It was so spooky - she keeps going to the bathroom to sort it out and once back into bed, puts her hand down by the side of the bed to stroke the dog, she does this for a while and then the drip starts up again. She gets out of bed, goes to the bathroom and finds the dog hanging up with its throat or guts cut open (cant remember quite what!).

In horror, she wonders what she was stroking down by the side of the bed.

The camera slowly pans away from her horrified face, back to her bedroom and under the bed and underneath in the dark is some kind of demon.

It was brilliant!

Has anyone else seen this short film and, most importantly, does anyone know where I can get it from. Spent hours googling, trying to find it but couldnt :(
I think I just found this film. I'll add it to the list under Drip. Check it out.
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