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I always thought it was about identity. Leatherface lacks a human persona so steals them. Maybe Hooper was saying that all our faces are masks which we hide all manner of evils behind. Serial killers are often normal looking. It's part of their trick. By wearing human faces Leatherface is attempting to trick us BADLY.

It could be about ugliness too. killers are often scarred etc. A symbol of their souls' ugliness. Leatherface is highly complicated therefore because he is attempting to hide his ugliness with something he finds beautiful(he even has a woman's face with make up-very symbolic of faked beauty) yet the effect is still ugly. He cannot hide his evil.

Maybe we should ask why Gein did it though, as Hooper obviously took the idea from him.

Did he want to make his mother alive again by pretending he was her?

Maybe Leatherface's mask are remorse. He has killed, because he was brought up to do that, but feels sad. So he tries to make them alive again by wearing them.

But then he wears the masks while killing more people. So he is including the people who provided the masks in the killings. He is saying "You are as bad as me."
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